A neat and organized kitchen decor is a goal. Whether your kitchen is large or small. Especially, if you have a small kitchen. You have to think carefully how you organized it. To make it happen there are some ways you can do. The most important thing is you have to make the most of your kitchen spaces. Even, the ends of your kitchen cabinet can be optimized. You can use this space for storage spaces or to place some decorative items.

You can find several unique ways to decorate the ends of your kitchen cabinets. For instance, you can add a green plant or hang a framed print. Adding greenery to the ends of your kitchen cabinets is an easy way to liven up the space, which is often overlooked in a more modern kitchen. You can install a floating shelf to place some jars or books. To organized your kitchen utensils, you can install a rod and add some S hooks to hang your stuff. Moreover, installing some baskets at the ends of your kitchen cabinet is a good idea. There are many types of baskets, so you can use any color or style to match the rest of your decor. You can also use them to store a variety of items. These baskets are perfect for storing kitchen items such as pots and pans, spices, and more. Here are some references for you.

DIY Built-in Bookshelf from decorpad

Book Shelf from decorpad

 Cookbook Shelves End Cabinet  from decorpad

Storage End Cabinet from bhg

Open Shelving from bhg

Book Shelf  End  Cabinet  from decoist      

Phone Storage  from decoist

Shelves Kitchen island from bhg

Cube Wine Storage from nextluxury

Cutting Board Storage from apartmenttherapy

Wooden Beam Shelf from mydomaine 

Hanging Cutting Board from mydomaine

Hanging Rolling Pin from bhg

 Geometric Shelf  Storage from bhg Rack Storage from homebnc  Cupboard Cutting Board Storage from homebnc   Paper Towel Holder from homebnc  Slim Rolling Shelves  from homebnc  Spice Rack  from homebnc

Wire Basket End Cabinet from homebnc

Kitchen Accessory Wall  from homebnc

Cupboard End Cabinet from farmfoodfamily Vertical Wine Rack from farmfoodfamily

Pull Out Spice Rack from farmfoodfamily

Corner Shelf Storage from homebnc

Bean Storage from thespruceSpice Jar Storage from realhomes

DIY End Cabinet from realhomes Open Shelv from homedesigninspired Bulit Float Shelv from homedesigninspired  Bar Cart from homedesigninspired Magazine Book Shelf from homedesigninspired  Wire Basket Storage from homedesigninspired  Bench Ends Cabinet from homedesigninspired  Uttility Cabinet from homedesigninspired  Woven Basket Storage from homedesigninspired  Bar Cart End Cabinet from homedesigninspired  Built-in Dog Bowls  from homedesigninspired 

Open Shelf End Cabinet from homedesigninspired  Flip-Down Table from homedesigninspired  Wicker Basket from homedesigninspired  Fruit Storage from homedesigninspired 

Pegs and Hooks Storage from homedesigninspired

Wallnut Rack from homelysmart

Small Cube Wine Rack from homedesigninspired

Small Open Shelf from countryliving

Wooden Beam Rack from countryliving

Storage Vintage Plate from countryliving

Open Rack End Cabinet from countryliving

Three Stacked Open Shelf from countryliving

Folding Table farmfoodfamily

Spice Rack Under Cabinet from farmfoodfamilyHanging Masson Jar from domestically-speaking

Rod Handle Napkin Storage from thechroniclesofhome

Pet Fedding Station from renoguide

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