Do you love gardening? It will be nice for you to build your own greenhouse. Rather than asking a professional that will add cost, build a greenhouse actually will not spend a lot of money. You can use glass, plastic, wire, pipe, or wood to make a greenhouse. Protecting your vegetables and fruits will not be a problem anymore under the care of your own greenhouse. In this section, we show DIY greenhouse ideas that are easy to build and affordable.

Old Window Greenhouse

Old window greenhouse


What do you think of this awesome greenhouse? You will be surprised by the way to make it that not as hard as you think. Sure, we insist you build this greenhouse with old windows. Get the materials from a thrift store and or garage store. Well, it might need several hours or even a day but you will be disappointed by the result.

Geodome Greenhouse DIY

To protect your plants from the cold season or heavy pests, this geodome greenhouse is what you need to have soon. The materials needed are wood, screws, and some sort of cover like plastic sheeting. You can get all of them in the nearest store. Building this geodome is not as difficult as seen.

Low-Cost Greenhouse

Do you deserve to plant onions, garlic, or other plants that need to care more? You need a greenhouse to protect them, of course. This picture shows you an amazing greenhouse made of old doors, wood pallets, plastic, glass, and wire that you can get from thrift stores.

DIY Greenhouse Trampoline

It will cost around $100 to build this beautiful greenhouse. Your old trampoline that is not used anymore can be repurposed to this cool house for plants. Take the trampoline frame to build the greenhouse. You will need other materials like plastic, piping, screw, red tape, and thermometers to check the temperature.

DIY Little Mini Garden

At least you should have basic woodworking skills to make this awesome mini garden. It will depend on how many plants you want. Prepare wood pallet, nails, hammer, and plastic. Sure, it might need several hours or even a day to build this mini greenhouse.

DIY Cheap Garden

This is the super cheap DIY greenhouse ever! What you need to prepare are some pipes and use them to make half-round shapes. Use glue to make them more stable. Then, cover it all with plastic. This project is easy to make and will protect your plants all day long.



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