Plant tomatoes, cucumbers, or other vegetables are not easy. You need to have greenhouse to protect your plants from damage. Those plants need detail maintenance to keep grow well. If you want to make greenhouse by yourself, here are some inspirations for you to try;

Hoop House Greenhouse

Look at this wonderful greenhouse for you! Believe it or not, you can have this greenhouse only by $50 to buy the material. This curved building looks impressive for your backyard. It doesn’t need much time to do and give you an amazing result.

Barn Greenhouse

You need to have good carpentry skill to make this barn greenhouse. Moreover, you have to ask your family member to help you. This is not an easy greenhouse and need more time to finish it, even all day long. But, see the result. This is amazing.

GeoDome Greenhouse

Geodome greenhouse has a unique shape and can be made in a big or small backyard. It provides large circular space to plant any kind of plants you like. This greenhouse can be move anywhere depending on the space and condition.

Scrap Window Greenhouse

Repurpose your old window into scrap window greenhouse is a brilliant idea. Take a look at this creative way of making greenhouse with simple step. You only have to unite some old windows and shape it like a mini house for your plants.

Donna Greenhouse

Keep your tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables on this Donna greenhouse. Here, you have to able to do basic carpentry skill. Because, making this greenhouse is not easy though only spend little money.

Fold Down Greenhouse

This greenhouse is the solution for a small backyard. It can be opened and closed any time needed. By this style you can save your space but still keep your plants growing. Try this to your garden and see how incredible this fold down greenhouse is.

Trampoline Greenhouse

Up cycling a trampoline into another useful thing will be challenging.  The trampoline that usually played by your children is a god material base to make a greenhouse. Now, you can save your plants under this amazing greenhouse made by yourself.

Backyard City Cedar Greenhouse

This greenhouse constructed well within few weeks. Take a look at the design which is close to a tiny house. The weaknesses of this greenhouse design are on budget and time. You need to spent more to have this wonderful greenhouse.

Pallet Greenhouse

Using pallet wood for building a greenhouse is quite popular along the time. You will be able to make it perfectly, if you follow the rule. Put some lamps also to keep it bright and beautiful at night.

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Making this plastic bottle greenhouse is cheap, but you have to spend more time and labors. Collect some bottles and arrange it one by name till it becomes a wall. Ask your family to help you finish this project.


  1. Great article, very helpful!

  2. Great article, very helpful!

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