Girls’ rooms usually show pinks. It doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to apply other hues. There are many girls who adore black as well. Girls’ rooms deal with some cute pieces inside. It will be much better to add DIY crafts with feminine touches to a girl’s room. In this section, we are going to show you DIY decorating girls’ rooms that easy and fun to do. Check out our lists below and find the best DIY decor for you.

DIY Wood And Copper Shelf

Diy wood and copper shelf


We love this decor with a DIY wood and copper shelf. Sure, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make this simple piece. Prepare two kinds of wood and some coppers and make a ladder with those materials. Then, stand it against the wall. Put on your things in each step.

Easy Clay Votive DIY

This DIY votive candle holder is pretty enough to upgrade the little girl’s room decoration. You can customize the color and add more holes to get a pretty look. Furthermore, it is easy to make and fun. Any girl will love it too.

DIY Ombre Dresser

Paint your old dresser with a new painting style. This picture shows that old dressers look very interesting after the owner changes the paint with ombre style. You can do so for your dresser with other colors. Sure, it will not cost much.

DIY Sequin Marquee Heart

If you love sparkling things, this DIY sequin marquee heart might look so interesting. You only need to shape a heart and add some sequins. Then, attach some pearls to spruce it up. Hang this pretty wall art on your bedroom wall and see how it will change the girl’s room appearance.

DIY Rotary Phone Succulent Planter

This work looks so cute and chic for any room included a girl’s room. It will be nice to use a rotary phone as a succulent planter. Support it with some books underneath. Then, it will change the girls’ room appearance instantly. This super easy project will only need less than an hour.

3D Geometric Wall Art

It will need some slices of wood of various sizes. Then, you need to paint them one by one with colorful paintings. Attach the wood slice to each other by using hot glue. This 3D geometric wall artwork works well for any room style which is modern, industrial, contemporary, even, rustic. However, it works best for the modern minimalist room style.



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