A dorm room looks so small for a single living. It might only have a small space to add some decorative accents. Though it is so small, it doesn’t mean empty. We have to add something that will spruce up our small dorm room. It can be by adding wall art or other small pieces. In this article, we are going to tell you some DIY decor ideas to improve your dorm room in simple ways. Let us check out them further below!

DIY Photo Mobile Display

Diy photo mobile display


You can do almost anything to your photos. In this section, we can hang them on the wall to become beautiful wall art. The owner of this dorm room uses some photos to improve the room’s decoration. It is a pretty decoration that easy and cheap.

Flower Cone Wall Display

Find fresh blossom flowers or faux ones to make this pretty DIY. It will not make much money. You can make the cone wall display by hand in less than an hour. Customize flowers as you like. Feel free to display as many flowers as you like.

DIY Easy Geometric Wall Art

Making a memo board with geometric pieces will not need much money. You can use washi tape with different colors. Attach some photos to spruce up the wall art look. You are free to attach other pieces like flowers, stars, or moons to the wall.

DIY Cool Geo Wood Magnets

Let us see this pretty cool idea! The owner of this dorm room uses geo wood magnets to attach the photos and or any cards. You can do so. This is an easy project that affordable for anyone. Just find out the wood paint it with any color you like. After that attach the magnet by using hot glue, let it dry. Then, the geo wood magnets are ready to use.

DIY Chic Painted Pouf

Who says that improving a dorm room only works well for the wall appearance. In this room, we see the owner customize a painted pouf with geometric patterns that look so chic. You can copy this idea for your own pouf in any shape. Just be more creative!

DIY Hanging Macramé Chair for Dorm Room

Create this hanging macrame chair will be a great project to do this week. Find a hoop and make the macrame patterns as you like. Sure, you will need at least one day to make this awesome hanging chair.

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