Even if you are not fond of all the responsibilities that come with being a homeowner, you should still take care of them. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your home and paying hefty bills for the repairs. And no one likes to spend too much cash when it is not needed.

To keep your home in tip-top shape, you might want to create a home maintenance checklist. This way, you can keep track of all the things you need to address. On your home maintenance checklist, you should include things like insulating your water heater, changing HVAC filters, cleaning gutters and downspouts, and inspecting your roof. Here are some of the best money-saving home maintenance tips you should add to your list.

Keep Your Water Heater Insulated

Your water heater uses more energy if it is not insulated. Luckily, you can quickly address this issue by wrapping your water heater with an insulating blanket. As experts from B. Wilson Plumbing & Heating Services state, doing this will help retain heat, meaning your water heater will not have to consume as much energy as before to heat up the water.

You can quickly insulate your water heater by yourself. All you have to do is buy a water heater insulation blanket, search for the instructions online, and follow them to a tee. If you do it, you should reduce standby heat losses and keep more money in your pocket.

Improve Air Flow

If you want to cut down on your air conditioning bill, make sure you improve the airflow in your home. You can do this by adding a ceiling fan to the living room and another one to your bedroom. When you turn on these fans, they will help circulate air throughout the space. It will make your home feel cooler without the need to use your AC.

Check Your HVAC Filters

When you have a clogged air filter, your HVAC system will work overtime to circulate cool air throughout your home. As a result, you will end up spending more money on utility bills. So, if you do not want to overspend, you need to make sure your HVAC filters are clean.

When you go to check your HVAC filters, inspect them for holes and tears, as well as dirt and dust. If they are dirty or damaged, get new ones right away. You should change these filters every month or so, depending on how often you use your HVAC system. If you are not sure how often to do this, just check the manual or contact an HVAC contractor for advice.

Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are essential because they collect all the rainwater that falls from your roof. If they are clogged, or there is a large amount of debris in them, water will back up and cause damage to your home. To prevent this from happening, do your best to keep them clean. And, if you are struggling to clean them yourself, consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

Get Your Roof Inspected

A good tip for ensuring your roof stays in good shape for years to come is by having it inspected by a professional at least once a year. A good inspector can immediately spot any problems such as leaks or cracks. Thanks to it, you can repair your roof before it gets in worse shape or becomes further damaged.

Clean Your Sidewalks and Driveway

It is easy to forget about your home’s exterior, but it is just as important as the inside. This area needs some attention because it is constantly exposed to the elements. As such, you should clean it regularly to keep it good-looking. Additionally, if you spot any cracks, make sure not to leave them unattended.

Caulk Your Home

When you notice cracks in your home, make sure you caulk or seal them. It is an excellent way to prevent water damage and mould from getting into your house. Also, you can use caulk to fill in any gaps between tiles and the wall. Doing this will prevent insects from coming into your home. So if you notice any problems in this area around window and door frames, get out the caulk and fix them before they become significant issues!


As you can see, you can do lots of different things to cut down on utility bills and other costs. And some of these things are so simple that you will wonder why you didn’t do them sooner!

For instance, insulating your water heater and air conditioning system are excellent methods to reduce your energy bill. Another way to save money is to replace your HVAC filters regularly. You can also clean your gutters and downspouts to prevent water damage.

The more you take care of your home, the less likely it is that you’ll have to deal with costly repairs. Take good care of your home, and it will only bring you benefits.

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