Some parents don’t want to disclose the gender of the baby. You have to prepare gifts that are neutral for both gender, boys or girls. You can buy them from the store. However, adding your personal touches will be much better. It shows your care and love. We have gathered DIY gifts that are gender-neutral. Check them out further below and get more inspiration!

DIY Countdown Blocks

Diy countdown blocks


Is the baby will come soon? Giving a DIY countdown might help the mother. She will wait for the baby by seeing the time. There is nothing more exciting than waiting for the baby. Make this craft by following the instruction from Project Nursery. Just follow the steps carefully. It is an easy project for a DIY newbie.

DIY Soft Blocks

Imagine the baby with tiny hands playing with these soft blocks. Make them as many as possible. This project is easy. You will need to spend several dollars to buy the cute fabric patterns, pouf, etc. Then, you have to be able to sew at least in basic skills.

DIY Baby Photo Album

Taking pictures with bumps and all things related to a baby is fun. Save those pictures in a baby photo album. So, we can see them again someday. Seeing the baby’s growth from the first day is heart-warming. Make this DIY baby photo album and give it to parents. They will love it.

DIY Felt Baby Slippers

Let’s make the baby feel warm all day. Wearing these felt baby slippers will make the baby feel better. Create these slippers for parents who will have a baby. Make sure that you choose a neutral color such as grey, brown, or red. 

DIY Door Sign

The parents-to-be will need this gift. When the baby is born, people will recognize it by seeing this sign. Then, all people who pass the house will walk carefully. This sigh works well for the parents who live in a household with many people. So, the neighbor or whoever across the house will not be noisy. Shhh… the baby is sleeping.

Neutral Baby Blanket

Every mom needs extra blankets at hand anytime. Even if you are not the only person who gives her blankets, but no need to worry. The blankets are useful for moms to take care of the baby. Some blankets are spilled on, coughed on, and … others.


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