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DIY Fun Craft Ideas You Can Make with a Cardboard Box

Buying toys for kids will spend lots of money. It will spend at least $100 to buy a new toy car or house. What about making new toys from cardboard boxes? It will keep your budget. So, you can save more money in the bank. In this article, we have collected DIY toys for kids made of cardboard boxes. We believe your kids will love one of them. Check out more in the list below!

DIY Cardboard Plane

Diy cardboard plane


What about it? A cardboard plane with colorful touches that will make your kids fly. Making this toy is very easy. You only need to collect some cardboard boxes. Then, cut them out. Arrange each piece into a plane shape by following the instruction here. What do you think? This craft will never go out of date. Furthermore, the supplies are cheap and easy to find.

DIY Cardboard Pet House

Does your cat have a house? Making a house for it will not be hard at all. Prepare a cardboard box. Then, follow the instruction here. Feel free to customize the size, pattern, and color you like. Make sure that your kitten will love it. At least, it can come into the house you made. Let it sleep here and get up to play with you again.

DIY Green Grocery

Let your kids show their imagination by becoming shopkeepers. They will sell fruits, vegetables, donuts, cake, snacks, and everything. This toy works well for boys and girls. You can play with them as well. Ask them to become the shopkeepers and you as the buyer. We believe you and your kids will enjoy playing with this craft.

DIY Box Car for Kids

You don’t need to buy a toy car for your little boy. Make it from a cardboard box. You will need scissors, glue, and paint. Show your creativity in designing it you love. Customize the colors and accessories. He will love this car. Moreover, he can play it inside when the rain comes. 

DIY Cardboard Playhouse

It is a house for Barbie and her friends. Your little girl will love this craft. It looks so gorgeous to play inside of the house with her friend. You can paint it too to get a more beautiful home design. Ask her to bring a chair and table inside. What do you think? Will you make it for her right now? The supplies and tools might already be in your hands. Just make it! 


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