It is fun to create our own fashion that can be adjusted based on our own taste. You can make varied things like DIY accessories and even the outfit itself. The ideas below will allow you to rock the hottest fall trends that are ridiculously easy to DIY. Check all the information below.

Studded Jeans

Studded jeans Ridiculous Easy DIY To Transform Last Year’s Clothes Into Fall’s Hottest Trends


Reconstruct your style to welcome your new day by adding an edge to an old pair of jeans with studded trim.  The materials you need are jeans, studded trim, and fabric glue. The steps are cut trim into small triangles, apply glue directly to the back of trim, and apply trim along the outside hem of your jeans. Last, let it dry completely before wearing it.

Varsity Patch Sweatshirt

Varsity patch sweatshirt Ridiculous Easy DIY To Transform Last Year’s Clothes Into Fall’s Hottest Trends


Here you can instantly transform your old sweatshirt into a trendy fall top. The materials are sweatshirts, scissors, patches, and fabric glue or iron. First, you can start by try on a sweatshirt and mark where you want sleeves to end. Second, turn the sweatshirt inside out, cut sleeves to desired length, roll sleeves for a finished look. Fourth, arrange patches on the front of the sweatshirt, apply heat with an iron to attach, or reuse fabric glue if patches are not heated fusible. The last step, let it dry completely and be ready to use.

Carwash Pleat Skirt

The carwash pleats skirt does not look like regular pleats. It has thick strips that are not connected so they give basic midi ad knee-length skirts a flirty swing. SO, it will give you a cool look when you are walking down the hall. The supplies you need for this skirt project are fabric scissors and a knee-length or midi-length skirt.

Fringe Backpack

Through this project, you will no need to splurge on a new school bag. You can update the faux leather backpack that is so trendy. The materials you will need to create this fringe backpack are faux leather or suede backpack, fringe trim, and a hot glue gun. You can start by laying the backpack on a flat surface facing up. Next, use a hot glue gun to attach rows of fringe trim along the front of the bag. After that, for the last, let it dry completely before wearing.

Sparkly Wink Loafers

It is time to make your loafers so seasonal. Add glitter and a cheeky design to turn your old flats into instant outfit makers. The supplies you need are slip-on shoes, scissors, glue, glitter, industrial-strength adhesive, and foam paper (in black and white).

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