The backyard fire pit is a perfect way to spend time with family and friends during the colder months. You can roast marshmallows, tell stories by the warmth of the fire, or simply enjoy each other’s company while sitting on your porch swing. There are many ways to create your own backyard fire pit.

The best part? It’s not hard to make one yourself! Here are some quick steps for creating your own backyard fire pit:

Outline DIY Firepit

Draw the outline of your fire pit. The traditional fire pit is made with bricks, but there are many options for size and material. If you have an existing concrete patio, this can be a great base for you to build off of. 

At a minimum, it should be at least two feet wider than the widest part of your body when sitting on the ground. If you would be installing custom-made fire pits from, outlining where it would be installed might be all you’d need to do. Be careful not to make it too deep, as you may run into trouble with building codes or upsetting your neighbors (if there are any). If the pit is deeper than two feet, it may be difficult for people to gather around.

Choose Your Firepit Material

The most common materials for fire pits are metal and concrete, but many other options exist. Concrete fire pits are the most common because they are easy to build and look great in almost any setting. 

However, adding a layer of sand or rocks around the edges makes it much safer for anyone who comes near the pit. Be sure to cover up any exposed hot surfaces if you are using a metal fire pit. 

Metal fire pits are more expensive, but they are almost always safer to use, as it will be much harder for any limbs or hair to get caught on the surface. Metal is also typically easier to clean after a burn.

Block Firepit

If you don’t have access to bricks or concrete, there are many block materials that can work as a replacement. You’ll need at least seven blocks, but it could go up from there depending on size and material. If you are using bricks, they should measure about ten inches by ten inches. If you are using cinderblocks, they should be at least eight inches tall for comfort.

It is also possible to use other forms of stone as your fire pit material. When choosing rocks, be sure that the surface is flat and even, because this will make it much easier to place wood inside the pit.

To make a ring around the edge of your fire, you can use lava rocks or river rocks. Make sure that they are at least three inches high for safety purposes, again depending on size and material.

Create a Level Base

No matter what material you use, you will need to build a sturdy base for your fire pit.

A flat and firm-level surface is necessary for the safety of any person around it. Without one, there is a chance that someone can trip or fall into the fire as they move closer to get warm. It’s also possible that the rocks around the outside can move if not properly supported.

To make a level surface, you will need to use either sand or gravel. If possible, choose crushed stones instead of whole rocks; they are more uniform and less likely to shift around over time. As for sand, it is also great for creating a secure base, but it may be easier to clean if ashes get inside.

Choose Your Seating Material

When it comes to building your backyard fire pit, the best part is that you can use whatever material you want for seating! You could use your existing patio chairs or even build in some picnic benches. If you prefer a more rustic feel, try laying down old logs around the pit for people to sit on.

Don’t forget your safety! Even though these steps are for making your own backyard fire pit, please make sure that it is far away from any trees or bushes. If there is an area with lower vegetation, it may be wise to move this area farther back in case of fire spreading towards the flammable material.

During the evening, people will come closer to the fire to warm themselves up. It’s important that they have a clear space around them so they won’t accidentally bump into anyone else or knock over rocks and logs.

Build Your Firepit

After putting together what you need in terms of material and seating, it’s time to build the actual firepit.

Pour sand or gravel into the empty space that you made earlier for your fire pit base. This is optional but recommended; these materials will prevent any of your rocks from shifting once you start adding heat and movement around them.

Once the foundation is ready, gather up some rocks and place them around the outside. Make sure that you leave an open space in the middle for placing wood, leaves, or whatever fuel you want to use. Keep in mind that some rocks might be too heavy to move by yourself; if this is the case, enlist some help from your friends!

Creating a firepit is not so difficult if you know what you’re doing or willing to learn. People who would probably not have the time to build one themselves can get professionals to do it for them. There are custom fire pits that can be easily installed in your backyard saving you time and stress. 


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