Pachira Aquatica is a very common type of plant that has witnessed huge popularity as an indoor money tree plant. There are several names of this plant, and Malabar Chestnut or Saba Nut is one of the common names of this plant. These are unique Chinese plants that are highly important for those who perform Feng Shui. They can literally uplift the condition of a person’s house by providing wealth and luck. Also, another most mesmerizing thing that is included in this is the braided trunks.

In this blog, you can adhere to the knowledge about how you can grow the Pachira Aquatica plants. But before availing the ways, there are a lot of things included in the mallow family so let’s understand some basic facts first. 

Pachira Aquatica- Historical Background

There is an old true story where a person who had no money once prayed for assistance. Then soon, he was introduced to a small plant slowly growing in his fields; afterwards, he brought it to his home. Soon afterwards, he began experiencing a huge change in his wealth. 

From the late 1980s, the Pachira Aquatica, grew its popularity and became native to Southern and Central Wetlands. After this, a truck driver started to braid its trunk together, further giving it the name of “lock-in” fortune and prosperity. 

Furthermore, according to a recent report of 2005, this money tree brought $7 million dollars to Taiwan’s agricultural economic sector. Thus it can bring great benefits, however, the feng shui said that it needs to be placed at the right corner of the building. 

How to grow Pachira Aquatica – Money Tree Plant? 

If you really want to grow your Pachira Aquatica – Money Tree Plant in your home with the utmost care, you have to keep a few things in mind. A little soil, temperature, humidity, and some other things can help to grow these plants. 

The 6 common ways by which you can grow the Pachira Aquatica are further listed below:

1. Soil

You should maintain the soil by providing the right amount of nutrition. Furthermore, there are several products available in the market that can help you provide the right amount of nutrition in the soil. 

2. Sunlight

According to several reports, it is found that these plants grow well in indirect light. So you have to protect it from direct sunlight. This can further scorch the leaves. You should keep it in a place where it gets indirect light and can also rotate the areas.

 3. Water 

Watering is always good for plants; however, as the Pachira Aquatica is a non-maintenance plant, it does not require regular watering. However, you can water it every one to two weeks so that the seeds get dry as well.

4. Temperature and Humidity

These grow best in warmer environments that have a huge amount of humidity, so keep it in an area where the condition is between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. However, these plants can adjust the temperature but can demand huge moisture. So you should mist your plant by keeping it in the pebble tray. 

5. Fertilizer

Consider providing the right amount of fertilizer so that it can achieve quick and effective growth. In addition, you should make the right blend of fertilizer and soil.

6. Repotting

You should consider changing the pots after a certain period of time. This will further allow the plant to grow more freely and broadly. 

Other Factors

Understanding these factors apart from the above is also important if you want to witness a good amount of growth in your plants. 

1. When?

The money plants normally prefer a temperature from 65-75 degrees with a cold-hardy of 45. So if you are a person who stays at the USDA zone of 11-12, you can think of an outdoor plantation. However, if you are not, then you should keep it in your home.

2. Where?

Another most important thing you should know is where you should plant it. Well, you should find a spot that contains less amount of humidity. Furthermore, the persons who are wondering about the 60feet long trees have to first opt for the wetlands.

3. How to Plant?

This plant can grow from both seed and cutting. However, if you have gone for seed, you have to first plant it about ¼” deep in the soil and should give a keen eye on the eye of the seeds so that it remains sideways. 

Also, if you have opted for the cutting, you have to first prepare the plant and then normally plant the cutting. In this process, you have to give more focus to the soil. 


So, with the above points, you already acknowledged how you can care for and grow your plant in the best form. Try to follow these steps to get the best results. 

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