The weather starts cooling down. It’s time to spend more time at home. However, it doesn’t mean losing productivity. What about creating some crafts to sell online? It will be a great moment to show creativity and get more money. Think over what you will make. Then, start to collect the supplies and tools. We have collected DIY fall craft ideas further below. Check out the list and get inspired! We believe you can create more things to sell this year.

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub

Pumpkin spice sugar scrub


Making a pumpkin spice sugar is not tricky. This simple scrub will make your lips feel so soft. Furthermore, the pumpkin spice jars are also super cute and perfect for gifting. You can give this scrub to your family members and friends. You will need pumpkin extract, can sugar, and natural oils to make a pumpkin scrub. 

Colorful Sock Pumpkins

 Are you looking for unique items to decorate your room? Look at these sock pumpkins! Encounter the socks in white, pink, purple, or orange colors. Then, restyle them to make cute pumpkins. You can ask your kids to help you make more pumpkins for their rooms.

DIY Halloween T-shirts

Everyone loves Halloween. Making T-shirts with a Halloween theme is a perfect idea. Customize the design to get more customers. It can be a pumpkin, skull, ghost, witch, or more. You can sell your Halloween T-shirts in a craft store, Facebook market, Etsy, or other stores.

DIY Halloween Wreath

There are many styles of Halloween wreaths that you can make. Selling them online might become a great idea. You will not only get more money but also be more creative. So, think over from now what design you love. Mix and match any supplies and make your Halloween wreath version. Then, sell it online.

DIY Fall Gift Tags

Talking about fall, we will remember Thanksgiving as well. Create the tag and sell it online. It is an easy and affordable craft that will give you profit. At least you have basic design skills. So, you will not get a problem making it. So, what are you waiting for? Switch on your laptop and start making your design from now.

Homemade Autumn Spice Candles

You will need some soy wax, a few jars, and candle dyes. Customize the spice you like. It can be rosemary, cinnamon, citrus, rose, or others. The more variant, the better. Let your customers choose what they want. Customize your products to make them look different.


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