Even though winter is the cold season and tends to look neutral, you can still decorate your as festive as possible. You can decorate your home with some winter touches and winter ornaments. Some winter ornaments include a glass ornament. This ornament is made from glass. You can use round, square or tube glass. Even mason jars or used glass light bulbs can be your choice for making winter glass ornaments. You can make several kinds of ornaments with this material. The good news is that you can make your own winter glass ornament with some DIY ideas.

If you are looking for inexpensive and easy DIY glass ornament ideas for winter, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can use ribbons and various colored glass ornaments to decorate your tree, and these decorations are easy to make. Use different sized ornaments to create a unique look. You can also add sparkle to your glass ornaments by adding sequins or glitters to them. To add sparkle, use floor wax to attach the sequins to the glass ornaments. Another way, you can make glass balls with ribbons to create festive holiday ornaments. These can be very creative and can be a great way to decorate a Christmas tree. Moreover, you can make a snowglobe, glass mason jar winter ornament, glass terrarium and more. For more information, take a look at these ideas below.

Blue Paint Glass Ball from bobvila

Glass Globe from bobvila

Snowman Glass Ornament from bobvila

Ombre Paint Ball Ornament from bobvila

Succulent Glass Terrarium from bobvila

Deer and Tree Snow Globe from buzzfeed

DIY Snow Globe Jar from architectureartdesigns

Santa And Elf Hat Candy Jars from architectureartdesigns

DIY Peppermint Mason Jar Candles from architectureartdesigns

Mini Winter Terrariums from architectureartdesigns

Snow Mason Jar from architectureartdesigns

Hanging Winter Terrarium from thesprucecrafts

Snow Glass Ball  from homedit Pine Leaf Ball Ornament from homedit

Snowflake Paint from homedit

DIY Mini Snow Globe from nobiggie

Berries Candle Holder from christmas.365greetings

Glass Candle Holder from christmas.365greetings
Glass Jar Decor from christmas.365greetings Cube Glass Winter Ornament from christmas.365greetings Rustic Glass Candle Holder from christmas.365greetings Wonderland Glass Globe from christmas.365greetings Jingle Bell Jar from christmas.365greetings Winter Wonderland Snowglobe from christmas.365greetings Glass Lantern With Ornaments from christmas.365greetings Outdoor Glass Display from christmas.365greetings Mason Jar Light from christmas.365greetings Winter Glass Photo Display from christmas.365greetingsWine Glass Candle Holder from christmas.365greetings
Glass Mason Jar Ornament  from christmas.365greetings Paint Mason Jar Ornament from christmas.365greetings

Winter Snowflake Ornament from christmas.365greetings Red Truck Globe from christmas.365greetings Fishbowl Snow Globe from christmas.365greetings Olaf Snow Globe from christmas.365greetings DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe from christmas.365greetings Glittery Snow Globe from christmas.365greetings Snow Globe Favors from christmas.365greetings Winter Wonderland Snow Globe from christmas.365greetings WInter Village Jar from christmas.365greetings Waterless Snow Globe from christmas.365greetings

Trees In A Mason Jar from christmas.365greetings

DIY Recycled Snow Globe from christmas.365greetings

Lego Snow Globe from christmas.365greetings

Mason Jar Lid Snow Globe from christmas.365greetings Retro Snow Globe Cupcakes from christmas.365greetings

Little Doll Figurine from christmas.365greetings

Snowman and Snowflake Mason Jar from christmas.365greetings DIY Winter Snow Globe from christmas.365greetingsWaterless Snow Globes from christmas.365greetings

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