PVC pipes are versatile materials to make anything for your home. You might have known about PVC pipes storage or PVC pipes planter. Some people use them to decorate the wall. What about PVC pipes for furniture items? Are they strong enough to hold the human body? Well, this is possible to make furniture items from PVC pipes. You can create various items from PVC pipes. From a simple chair to a great bench. Are you ready? Check out our list below to get more inspiration.

PVC Pipes Coffee Table

Pvc pipes coffee table


Combine PVC pipes with wood and glass to create a coffee table. Look at the picture! It shows a modern-industrial coffee table that is perfect for the living room. First, you need to make the framework. Second, add the wood frame. Third, attach the glass to the top. This table works well for any home style from a rustic, modern, or contemporary look.

PVC Pipes Outdoor Lounge Chair and Table

What do you think? Laying on the lounge chair might be so comfortable. You can put this lounge chair next to the pool. It has a PVC pipe table as well. Awesome, right? You will need several PVC pipes, glue, and a cutter. Check out more about how to make this outdoor seating set here. Feel free to customize the size, design, and color you like.

DIY PVC Pipe Chair with Wheels

Exactly! It is a perfect chair design from PVC pipes. Connect PVC pipes and make them strong by using PVC pipe glue. Add pillows for seating and the back. Don’t forget to attach the wheels on the legs to ease you move it anywhere. You can use white or black PVC pipes according to your wish. Cool, right? You can use this chair in your bedroom or sell it and earn a lot of money.

PVC Pipes Bar Stool

Here is how you can use PVC pipes to make a bar stool. It looks so simple but impressive. This stool will complete your kitchen décor with an industrial-modern feel. You are free to use it outdoors as well. Check out from here to see the instructions further.

DIY PCV Pipe Bed

It is the most mind-blowing idea ever on the list. You can use PVC pipes to make a bedframe as well. Look at the picture! It shows a bed from PCV pipes. You can build your bedframe start from now with easy and affordable materials. Make it stronger using hot glue. Check out more instructions here


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