The snow during winter is a magical thing that we should appreciate. Well, it might be cold but the snow can always bring a certain happiness to us. That also becomes the reason, why we should present the snow to our home decorations to really feel the spirit of winter. It doesn’t mean that you should bring real snow to your home because there are many ways that you can do to have the snow inside. For example, you can have a snow globe that you can make yourself by creating the illusion of the snow inside the globe by using some stuff. Yes! You can make it yourself by having DIY projects that will be really fun to do and to have.

The snow globe is one of the winter decoration stuff that you can use to decorate the table, kitchen island, rack, or fireplace. It might be small but can be really proper to decorate your home with winter touches. The making is also simple, you can use a mason jar, bulb, or any glass jar that you have. Then, decorate the jar with a winter theme and artificial snow, of course. For the simple one, you can have the mini Christmas tree and the snow onside the jar. That is such a simple yet effective design you can have to create the winter impression. Then, you can also have a snowman, Santa, and more. The following images will show you some adorable DIY snow globe ideas.


Car Snow Globe from Christmas.365greetings

Snowman Snow Globe from Christmas.365greetings

Deer Snow Globe from Christmas.365greetings

Winter Village Jars Snow Globe from Christmas.365greetings

Blue Tree Snow Globe from Christmas.365greetings

Dome Snow Globe from Christmas.365greetings

DIY Tree Snow Globe from Christmas.365greetings

Little Doll Figurine Snow Globe from Christmas.365greetings

Thrifted Glass Dome Snow Globe from Goodhousekeeping

Glittery DIY Snow Globe from Goodhousekeeping

Mini Snow Globe Ornament from from Goodhousekeeping

Waterless Snow Globe from Goodhousekeeping

Succulent Snow Globe from Goodhousekeeping

Blue Tree Snow Globe from Goodhousekeeping

DIY Snow Globe with LEGOs from Countryliving

Pink Snow Globe from Countryliving

Snowman Snow Globe from Countryliving

DIY Olaf Snow Globe from Countryliving

Tree and Car Snow Globe from Lizmarieblog

Wine Glass Snow Globe from Deavita

Three Tree Snow Globe from Deavita

Vintage Car Snow Globe from Architectureartdesigns

Plastic Cup Snow Globe from Architectureartdesigns

Glittery Mini Jar Snow Globe from Architectureartdesigns

Deer and Pine Cone Snow Globe from Architectureartdesigns

DIY Gift Card Snow Globes from Architectureartdesigns

Santa Snow Globe from Diytomake

Lighted Snow Globe from Diytomake

Colorful Tree Snow Globe from Diytomake

DIY Jar Snow Globe from Craftionary

Snowman Snow Globe from Craftionary

Christmas Snow Globe from stylemotivation

Glass Snow Globe from stylemotivation

Mini Deer Snow Globe from stylemotivation

White Tree Snow Globe from stylemotivation

Snow Globe Candle Holder from stylemotivation

Plastic Pot Snow Globe from Hearthandvine

Mini Plastic Snow Globe from Cutediyprojects

DIY Fun Novelty Snow Globes from Diyjoy

Illuminated Snow Globes from Diyjoy

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