A kitchen will look beautiful and inviting if it is neatly organized. Especially, if you have a small kitchen. It is very important for you to arrange it as neat and organized as possible. In addition to create beauty, a neat kitchen will also provide comfort when you cook. It would be more easier to find what you need in the kitchen without having to make a mess. Storage solutions can help you get more organized. Therefore, a storage is needed in your small kitchen. You can make the most the space of your small kitchen for storage space. And even, you can create your own kitchen storage ideas at a low cost. Some DIY kitchen storage ideas will really help you.

One of the best DIY storage ideas for a small kitchen is to use wall-mounted baskets. They are great for keeping items off the counter and provide more storage space. They also make it easier to find items you use often. Hanging a basket over the sink can make it easy to find dishes, silverware, and other items. Another easy DIY storage idea is to hang a pocket organizer from the cabinet door. This storage solution is relatively cheap and easy, but it give amazing results. This DIY storage solution is great for organizing cutlery, utensils, and cleaning supplies. These clever storage solutions can also maximize vertical space in your kitchen. Moreover, you can use magnetic jar racks, wall-mounted spice racks, pegboards, and floating shelves for your DIY storage kitchen ideas. Furthermore, here are some simple DIY storage ideas to help you maximize your space.

DIY Kitchen Island Storage from homebnc

DIY Pegboard Storage  from homebnc

Cupboard Rotating Utensil  from homebnc

Organizer with Baskets from homebnc

Vegetable Hanging Storage from homebnc

Wooden Side Shelf from homebnc

Dish Towel Holder from homebnc

Slim Rolling Shelves from homebnc

Countertop Spice and Bottle Organizer from homebnc

DIY Two-Tiered Storage Rack from homebnc

Drawer Pull Spice Rack from homebnc

Under the Shelf Hanging Basket from homebnc

Spice Jar Grip Holder Clip Strips from homebnc

Food Storage Necessities from homebnc

Rattan Tray for Herbs and Cooking Utensils from homebnc

Rod inside the Cabinet from homebnc

DIY Utensil Drawer Storage from homebnc

DIY Floating Shelves from homebnc

Wall-Mounted Mug Storage from homebnc

Cabinet Measuring Utensils from homebnc

Hanging Fruit Baskets from homebnc

Storage Container Lid Organizer from homebnc

Wooden Divider from homebnc

DIY Wall Storage from homebnc

Hook and Ladder from homebnc

DIY Industrial Table Storage from homebnc

DIY Wood Box with Coat Rack from homebnc

DIY Ladder Storage from homebnc

Kitchen Accessory Wall from homebnc

DIY Kitchen Cart from homebnc

Plastic Storage from homebnc

Pegboard Kitchen Decor from homebnc

Basket Storage from homebnc

Paint Pegboard Storage from apartmenttherapy Basket Behind the Door from apartmenttherapy Rod and Hook Storage from apartmenttherapy Wooden Shelf Pantry from apartmenttherapy Kitchen Island Storage from apartmenttherapy Cabinet Door Storage from apartmenttherapy

DIY Open Shelf Storage from apartmenttherapy

Magnetic Jar Storage from cutediyprojects

Wooden Pallet Storage from cutediyprojects

Plate Rack Storage from cutediyprojects

Door Organizer from cutediyprojects

Utensil Holder from cutediyprojects

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