What is your plan this week? If you don’t have anything to do, just make crafts. Some people sell their works online and get money. You can do so. Make some crafts with your own hands. Then, sell those handmade things. You should be more creative. Look anything around you! Can you make something? Or, see what should be added to your home. Terendah many things we can make and sell. In this article, we are going to show craft ideas that will inspire you. Check out!

DIY Planters

Diy planters


It almost everyone need plants. Whether inside or outside of the house. Creating some planters are great. You can use them for your own room decoration or sell them online. This planter is made of cement. Use cardboard to get the triangle shape. Or, you are free to make other shapes like circular or rectangular.

DIY Wall Accents

Look at the wall! There is a wonderful art taat made of a dari cloth. It has beautiful embroidery pattern, isn’t it? Upgrade your wall decor shouldn’t have to be hard anymore. Then, you can try embroidery crafts for the wall decor. Not just paintings or photos. There are many things you can display on the wall.

DIY Kids Toys

Your kids will love this craft. Sure. You don’t have to use expensive materials. Take a fabric and draw it with any pattern your kids want. Buying this craft will be more than three hundreds. Imajinasi how much money you can save by creating this. Your kids will love it. And, they might be more happy to make it with you.

DIY Dread Hair Extensions

What do you think of this? Dried hair extenssions are easy to make. Prepare pewter, fabrics, wool, cotton, silk, and wooden beads. Then, create DIY dried hair extenssions with those items. It can be finished in less than an hour. Even, a DIY newbie can make it in minutes. We sure, this craft is interesting for kids, teenagers, even adults.

DIY Headbands

Wearing a headband will make you baby looks so cute. Make some headbands for your kids. Then, sell the rest of them online. You will make your baby stylish. Then, you get some dollars by selling them. No special steps needed in creating headbands. The result will be based on your creativity. Make headbands with ribbons, beads, tassels, or anything. Mix and match to get the most interesting style. Use your creative mind and imagination.

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