Whether you want to be an astronaut or just someone who loves the sky, space-inspired projects might interest you more. Sometimes, we see the sky with constellations that make us feel go beyond. Those stars tell us that there is energy that controls us in all universes. In this article, we ask you to make crafts with cosmos inspirations for your everyday life. You can upgrade anything with a cosmos theme. Check out our ideas further below, and start crafting soon!

DIY Galaxy Blouse for Everyday Fashion

Diy galaxy blouse for everyday fashion


Never throw your old dark blouse away! We ask you to upgrade it by bleaching. Apply bleach for some spots. Let it be for several minutes until it works. Then, wash it with water and let it dry. You will see the galaxy look. Add some stars by applying white paint. Then, you will get your new galaxy blouse ready.

DIY Constellation Tote Bag

It is time to make your old tote bag looks more impressive. What about creating a constellation? It is not a tricky project. You only need to draw the constellation on your bag. Then, sew it by hand. What do you think? Does not it cool? Making this craft is free. You can use the needle and thread you have in your drawer.

DIY Pom Pom Solar System Mobile

Bring the solar system to your room. First, make the planets using pom poms in various colors and sizes according to the real ones. Attach them to the ceiling. Let the wind blows them. So, we can see how the planets are mobile in the solar system. This craft looks perfect for any room.

DIY Wonderful Moon Mirror

Instead of adding a new cosmos item to your house, it will be better for you to upgrade something. In this picture, we see a moon mirror on the wall. Making this craft will not be hard. You will need a mirror in any size you want, sand, and glue. We believe you can finish this project in minutes.

DIY Cool Galaxy Umbrella

Imagine you are standing under a galaxy full of stars in this umbrella. Prepare an umbrella, painter’s tape, craft paints, and white paints. You will also need cups, a sponge, a stick for stirring, a palette, a paper towel, and a photo of the universe. Follow the instructions¬†here¬†to know more about how to make this DIY umbrella galaxy.


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