Do you love candles? DIY candles can also be a nice gift for your friends. Making candles aren’t hard. Candles are versatile for any home decor style. Whether you want to add them for rustic, shabby chic, or even modern style to your room. Furthermore, they will give a good smell to your entire room. What is your favorite odor? If you want to make aromatherapy candles, add some citrus, lavender, or other stuff to the candles you made. Check out our DIY candles below!

French Vanilla Candle

French vanilla candle


Imagine having these candles in your bathroom. A french vanilla candle will give you a good smell whenever you switch it on. Make it using fresh vanilla beans and coffee beans. Put those beans in a little china pot. Then, you will get a beautiful scent in your dreamy bathroom.

Herb Homemade Candles

Use lavenders or mints to get a pretty garden feel in your room. Decorate the candle you want. You may make those herbs stand or lay. Combine more than two herbs to get a more garden-like. The candle is great for any room in your home.

Homemade Rosemary and Grapefruit Candles

Homemade rosemary and grapefruit candles


Mix herb, sweet, and fresh in a candle. It will give a good smell with a spa room sensation. Taking a bath with this aromatherapy will make you feel calm and at peace. Making this candle for your friend will be a great idea. She will love the smell. Then, the shape is elegant. We guarantee your friend will love it so much.

DIY Pumpkin Spice Candle

You will get a gorgeous and cozy space with this DIY pumpkin spice candle. Use this candle to decorate your home in fall to get a pretty warm atmosphere. It will help you to turn a horrible evening into a relaxing moment. Use a mason jar and put on the pumpkin spice candle in it. 

Homemade Teacup Candles

We love tea smells and you will too. See this design! The step to making this teacup candle is simple. Just create the candle and put it on the teacup you choose. Make as many as you need. Those teacup candles will add a vintage feel to your room.

Chocolate Brownie Candle

This brownie candle isn’t edible. Though the smell is good; you can’t eat it. If you are a fan of chocolate, this project might interest you. It seems like you are cooking brownies all day at home. It’s not a real brownies cake.



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