Having a perfect look in sending your summertime is really needed. During summer, people will love to spend their time outside, right? That will be including you, of course! One of the aspects related to the look is the summer accessories where you need to be concerned with your head accessories. It is said that your hair is your crown, right?! Make sure that you make yourself pretty with your head and hair look. There are some head accessories that you can make by having the DIY projects that we have compiled below. The following references are really complete from the headband, bow, crown, hairpin, and more. Please go down and get the pretty summer head accessories project ideas.

Headband Wrap

Express your creativity right now to make this one-head accessory. Headband wrap made with a DIY project using an unused t-shirt so it looks very creative. Made by sewing, making it is comfortable to use as a head accessory without having to worry about falling or tearing. The pineapple pattern on the shirt used in making this headband wrap will make it look even more perfect in summer. Having a yellow color will make it work well to decorate your head and make your summer style more trendy.

Hair Bows

There are many kinds of hair accessories that can enhance your summer look, one of which is these hair bows. Instead of buying it at the store, this hair bow was made with a DIY project using ribbon material. Having a hand-painted watermelon pattern will make this hair bow look very adorable and very liked by children and adult women. The combination of red, white, and green on this watermelon hair bow presents a very beautiful appearance and can steal the attention of everyone who sees it.

Seashell Hair Comb

Express your creativity right now! making summer hair accessories is an interesting idea. Here you can make a DIY hair comb to complete your summer style. Seashell is one of the main materials used in making this hair comb so it looks perfect in summer. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you only need a little effort, that is, just stick the seashell on your hair comb using glue. Some of the pearls that are used to decorate the seashell hair comb have succeeded in presenting a quite luxurious and charming appearance.

Glitter Hairpin

Instead of buying hairpins at the store, you can make your own to complete the summer style. Seashell is one material that is suitable for making hair accessories this summer. It’s quite simple, you only need to attach the seashell to a plain hair clip using glue. Continue by painting it blue to make it look bright and suitable for the summer theme. Also, add a sprinkling of glitter on this seashell hairpin to make it look more beautiful and charming. The three white pearls used to decorate this seashell hairpin managed to make it look very beautiful and amazing.

Hand Painting Beanie

Do you have a plain old beanie? If so, don’t throw it away, you can make it look more attractive in summer. You can give this beanie a floral motif using watercolors so it will look more festive and match the summer theme. This flower pattern with a combination of several colors manages to present a very beautiful and creative look. Added green grass painting at the bottom of this beanie will make it look very perfect. These DIY head accessories are very easy to make and still look creative and inspiring.

Colorful Scrunchie

You can make these DIY head accessories to complete your summer look to make it look more trendy. Scrunchie is one of the accessories that you can make right now. Made with colorful fabrics this scrunchie looks perfect in summer. The combination of yellow, navy, gray, pink, and marron colors will present a very beautiful and festive look. Having a circle shape will make this scrunchie look like a blooming flower. This DIY idea is very simple and easy to make so it is suitable for all circles.

Fabric Hair Tie

A hair tie is one of the head accessories that will never fail to complete your summer style. Made with fabric, it is very easy to shape and can be washed and reused. Having a shape like a flower, makes this hair tie look very beautiful and is liked by many women. The combination of pink and green on this hair tie manages to present a quite beautiful and stunning appearance. You can combine this hair tie with other outfits so it will look very stylish.

Rainbow Sunhat

Make your old sunhat look more attractive this summer! First, you can prepare the equipment in advances such as an old sunhat, brushes, and colorful watercolors. Then you can paint the sunhat with several colors so that it will present a very festive look. The combination of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple will make this sunhat look perfect for summer. You can combine this sunhat with other summer outfits so it will look more stylish and very inspiring.

Seashell Headband

Complete your summer style with head accessories to make it look more trendy. You don’t have to buy a new one, you can make your own DIY headband at home to make it look more creative. Seashell is a suitable material for making this head accessory. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you just simply attach the seashell with glue to this headband to make it look more festive. Using this headband with other outfits, will make your summer style more stylish and very inspiring.

Sunflower Crown

To get summer head accessories, you can do a DIY project. Faux sunflower is one of the main materials used in making this crown. Then you can start assembling this crown using a faux sunflower and ribbon so it will look beautiful and easy to adjust according to the size of the head. This sunflower crown is also decorated with faux baby breath so that it will make this crown look more beautiful and attractive. In addition, this sunflower crown is suitable for both children and adults and can be combined with your summer outfit.

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