Even a thin case would better cover your laptop anyway. There are thousands of laptop cases that are readily bought anytime you need. Of course, you will find them anywhere used by other people.

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If you wish to have a special laptop case that is not owned by others, just create your personal laptop cases. Instead of asking someone, why don’t you make them alone? It will be more challenging and fun to make your personal laptop cases.

Striped Laptop Case

Striped laptop case

If you love to crochet, make this laptop case this weekend will be much more fun. Though this laptop case will need more hours, the result will be so awesome. Furthermore, you are free to add other accessories too.

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DIY Leather Laptop Case

Diy leather laptop case

Prepare faux leather in any color you like. Then, cut it into some parts based on how’s your laptop size is. Sew them by using a sewing machine to make sure of their strength.

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Then, add a little button at the center.

Cute Flowered Laptop Case

Cute flowered laptop case

If you are able to sew a small bag, you can create this cute flowered laptop case easily. Add a zipper enclosure to finish the case. Using a zipper will help you save your laptop. So, you don’t have to worry that it will out from the case and fall down.

Patchwork Laptop Bag

Patchwork laptop bag

Sure, it looks so cute for a laptop case. See the patchwork that is eye-catching. Further, this project is do-able even for a DIY newbie. However, you need to have a basic sewing skill to craft this patchwork laptop bag. Feel free to apply to other patterns.

With Cute Button Enclosure

With cute button enclosure

The focal interest of these cases is the buttons. Cut the felt fabrics in any colors you like for your laptop case. Then, sew them into rectangular shapes. Then, add cute buttons to lock the cases, so your laptop will not easily fall down.

Simple Grey Laptop Case

Simple grey laptop case
A simple grey laptop case works well for men and women. The neutral color makes this laptop case appear elegant on any occasion. The creator combines felt and fleece fabrics in a cool way. So, these inexpensive fabrics look so spectacular.

Professional Laptop Case

Professional laptop case

Bring this laptop case into any meeting will not make you upset. We love the patterns that are so fresh and chic. The creator adds a belt to lock the case and functions as a decorative accent as well.

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