What can we do with leather? Some people love leather materials because it looks more durable and classics. Nowadays, faux leathers take major parts in people’s daily life. We will find faux leather in many terms like wallet, bags, shoes, and other things related to lifestyle. Furthermore,  leathers are easy to combine with others easily. In this article, we recommend you create DIY projects from leathers. Let us check out below!

Beautiful Accent Pillow

Beautiful accent pillow

This super easy DIY will give a bit different into your pillow. There are thousands of patterns that you can make from leather. In this picture, the creator makes a fall leaf that shows how wonderful autumn is.

Cool Leather Coaster

Cool leather coaster

Leather coasters in gold will be so stylish. Add ombre touch to spruce them out. Feel free to shape them into rectangular, circle, or hexagonal. These coasters might not give a big impact into your decor but will help your table clean.

Cute Leather Bracelet

Cute leather bracelet

Making a bracelet from leather also one of DIY projects that will improve your skill. This bracelet will be great to wear with your jeans and t-shirt for a casual look. Wear this bracelet in spring and summer will be a cool idea.

Leather File Folder

Leather file folder

Sometimes, you will find same papers that are messy in your office bag. Use a file folder to separate your papers. So they will be easily found when needed. Make file holder from a leather is not hard as long as you are able to sew it with a sewing machine or use your hand.

Sweet Leather Clutch

Sweet leather clutch

Personalize your clutch by your hand is not a hard project to do. This pink leather clutch looks like a professional work. You can do it by sewing a pink leather after cutting the materials. Then, apply a zipper with unexpected color.

Leather Mouse Pad

Leather mouse pad

No need for a special sewing skill to create this leather mousepad. Just cut the leather into a rectangular shape. Then put it in your office table. Feel free to choose the color but rose gold looks more professional.

Cute Leather Pouch

Cute leather pouch

Keep your money, pins, bus passes, and other cards in this cute leather pouch.  Choose the color based on your desire whether rose gold, brown, or black. It helps you to save small things as well like makeup tools that some times easy to lose.

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