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Inspiring Craft Ideas from Pistachio Shells

Do you love eating pistachio? Don’t throw the shells away! We can make many things from them. From home decor to jewelry items, you can create various crafts. Prepare the supplies like glue, hot glue, and paints. In this article, we have collected DIY crafts made of pistachio shells. Check them out further in the list below and get more inspiration!

DIY Peacock Wall Art

Diy peacock wall art


Peacocks are beautiful. They have beautiful color combinations. Making a peacock wall art is a great idea. First, you have to make the paper art. Second, add pistachio shells to the tail. Insert it in a frame and complete it with other complements like faux flowers and leaves.

DIY Pista Shell Flowers

We can make flower art from anything. Now, try to make it using pistachio shells. You will need glue to attach them. Arrange it around until like petals. Feel free to customize the color by painting. You can use this flower to decorate a gift box.

DIY Pistachio Shells Ombre Necklace

It is a beautiful necklace, huh? We adore the ombre pendant. You will need paint and mod podge to make this style. Customize the size and color you like. Feel free to wear it every day. Combine this necklace with casual outfits or bohemian styles.

Beautiful Pistachio Shells Succulent

It is on how you arrange pistachio shells to look like succulents. Paint them with Green shades. Put a succulent in an unused cup. Use this craft to decorate your table. It will be more durable than the natural plant. You don’t have to maintain it too.

Pistachio Shells Wall Hanging

What do you think of the wall hanging? It looks so pretty. Making this craft will need pistachio shells and thread. Hang it to the wall with a hoop. Make your bedroom wall interesting with this wall hanging. Feel free to change the color you like.

DIY Pista Shells Votive Candle Holder

Do you love candles? You will love this craft. A votive candle holder from pistachio shells will change your room decor. It shows an elegant tone. Use it to decorate the bathroom, and you will get a spa-feeling decoration.


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