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Clever And Cute Fruit-Inspired Crafts To Make With Your Kids All Summer Long

Almost anyone loves fruits. This summer, creating some fruit crafts will be such fun. The kids will love to see watermelon, pineapple, apple, and other fruit crafts in their room. Prepare papers and paints to make them. Do this project with your kids as their holiday activities. In this article, we recommend you inspiring fruit craft ideas that you and your kids can accomplish in less than a day. Check out further!

Mason Jar Fruits

Mason jar fruits

Mason jars are most common to be used for DIY Projects. Ask your kid to paint the mason jar with you. Feel free to create watermelon, orange, pineapple, and other fruits as you like. Then, they are ready to save your pencils.

Mini Hats For Party

Mini Hats For Party

Your kids will love to make these crafts. Look at the mini hats with different patterns for a little summer party. The picture shows watermelon and pineapples, you are free to apply other patterns like dragonfruits, oranges, and more.

DIY Apple Craft From Tissue Papers

Diy apple craft from tissue papers

See how cool this apple. It looks nice for wall decoration in summer. Prepare a white plastic plate. Assemble a cutout handprint in any color as you like. Then, use glue to attach the red tissue papers.

DIY Fruits Garland

Diy fruits garland

Fill your empty wall with this cute garland that is easy to make in less than an hour. Just print the fruits and arrange them. You can use this garland to decorate your glass window too. We guarantee that your kid will love to make it.

Cute Fruits For Summer

Cute fruits for summer

Perler bead is awesome. You can make these Perler bead fruits magnet to fill your refrigerator door empty space. Find them in the nearest store. The picture shows us watermelon, orange, lemon that look so cute. Even you are able to accomplish this project for the first time.

Bubble Wrap Fruits

Bubble wrap fruits

The kids will love to make this craft that looks so fun. Take bubble wraps and apply paint for each of them. Then, use the bubble wrap to print fruit’s shape. These crafts are nice to be used for wall accents in the kids’ room.

DIY Hanging Fruits

Diy hanging fruits

Oranges look fresh and sweet for summer decoration. In the picture, we see the creator make different fruits as well. These hanging fruits are timeless. So, you can use them in your room decoration for any season.

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