We can do many things with the woods. This material works better for any DIY project. If you are one of the DIY lovers, you may create something with woods, aren’t you? However, you should have at list basic woodworking skills to get chic DIY wood projects. In this article, we will show you our lists of wood projects that anyone may copy. Keep scrolling and get more inspirations further. Check out!

Amazing Wood Plate Charger

Amazing wood plate charger

Cut the wood in a round shape. Though it is not an easy project anyone can do it even for the first time. Make a circle in a wood board, cut the board by following the circle. Then, you will get this amazing wood plate charger.

Mosaic Art From Wooden Block

Mosaic art from wooden block

Look at this cool mosaic art that consists of wooden blocks. The natural color of the woods makes the mosaic art more powerful. Further, this wall artwork well for any home decoration. Put it in your empty wall and see how it works.

DIY Simple Desk

Diy simple desk

If you need an extra desk, create it will be a great decision. Take your jigsaw to cut the woods. Make  X legs to support the bench. Use this bench as your work at home space. Further, you are free to iron your clothes here as well.

DIY Live Edge

Diy live edge

Change a wood as a coffee table doesn’t need a professional. You can do it by your hand actually. Add hairpin legs to make it stronger. Make the wood smoother and let the natural color as it is. Put this coffee table in the living room.

Cupcake Stand From Wood

Cupcake stand from wood

Worry about how to arrange your cupcakes? This picture tells us what you need to do to make those cupcakes look awesome. Use three or more slice of woods as you need. Put your cupcakes there one by one vertically.

DIY Cutting Board

Diy cutting board

You don’t have to do hard steps to make this cool cutting board. Just customize the size based on your need. Paint the top of it in white or other colors as you like. Now you are ready to cut fruits, vegetables, even pieces of bread here.

Wooden Doormat

Wooden doormat

It seems so challenging to make a doormat using woods. When usually most people use fabrics or rubbers, woods look interesting too. First of all, you need to make the frame. Then, fill the frame with wood pieces diagonally.

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