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Clay Craft Projects or Adults That Are Easy and Fun to Do

What do you know about clays? Usually, they are used for making kids’ crafts, school projects, or something that kids love.

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What about clay projects for adults?

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Clays are handy and versatile to use for creating DIY clay projects. Not just for kids, adults can make many things that are useful and decorative. In this article, we have gathered DIY air dry clay projects that are fun and easy to do. Furthermore, they are functional and chic to any home decor. Check out!

Mexican Sugar Skulls Crafts

It will be awesome to have these skills for Halloween decor, won’t it? What you need to make these crafts are clays. First, shape the clays into some skulls. Then, let them dry or you can bake them in the oven. After you have got them dried, paint them in any color you like.

Decorative Clay Dishes

Dishes made of clay, are they possible? Why not? Clays are versatile to shape anything, including dishes. Take as much as clays you need. Roll them until smooth. Then, shape the dishes you like. Add some artistic touches. Let them dry for several hours with direct sunlight or just bake them.

Fun Owl Pot From Clay

Clay is very handy and cheap. Use this material and create a fun owl pot is a great idea. Look at this picture that shows you an amazing pot design made of clay. Take clay as many as you need. Then, start crafting by shaping the owl’s face and body. Feel free to customize the size and color as you like. Even, you can add more paints to get it more alive.

DIY Bunny Clay Bowls

What about this clay project? Even your kids will love this too. A bowl that shaped well to look like a cute bunny. And, it is made of clay that is super cheap. After shaping the clay in a bunny look, let the bowl dry under the direct sunlight for several hours or you can bake it as well.

Decorative Flower Pots From Clay

What about these decorative flower pots? They are nice to see. With some artistic touches, the pots look so decorative. Creating these projects is not hard. Shape the clay to become pots. Then, dry them. Paint them to look more interesting. And, you will get beautiful flower pots. Use them to plant your most favorite flowers, herbs, and or succulents.

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Put them by the window to get natural sunlight every morning.

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