Adding some details for your clay pot will actually upgrade your garden look. It will dramatically change the view of your house to be more impressive. Your clay pot flower will be one of the best interesting vies of your house. Just one of the best DIY clay flower pot craft ideas below;

Clay Flower Pot Craft with Chandeliers

Clay flower pot craft with chandeliers


Give a new touch for your porch by hanging a clay flower pot with chandeliers like the picture. This clay pot is easy to make and looks cool for your house, isn’t it?

Clay Pot Family with a Cute House

What a cute design is this! Create this clay pot along with your children this week. This will be a great project and fun. You have to prepare some pots with at different size and arrange them to be like a family pot.

Whimsical Tipped Pot Flower Planter

This clay pot will look amazing to be put on your front yard. The unique design makes this clay pot admirable. You are free to paint it in any color you like.

Candle Lantern Planter in a Clay Pot

A clay pot with candle lantern helps you to make your yard brighter. Even, it looks cool to be put on your porch. It has multi function, a clay pot and lantern.

Fun Kids Craft with Flower Pots

Ask your child to love the nature by making this fun flower pots craft. They will like this project. Even, this craft can be used as their homework.

Flower Pot Wreath with Succulents

Making flower pot wreath is also a wonderful project to upgrade your porch view. Enjoy the summer by having this wreath hang on your wall. Choose succulent as the plants since this is easy to maintenance.

Mosaic Stones on a Clay Flower Pot

Do you want to upgrade your garden look? It will be amazing for you to put on this mosaic stone clay pot at your front yard. Make sure you have a good quality of glue for creating this wonderful pot.

Create a Fairy House with Stones

This whimsical fairy house planter looks amazing to be placed at your garden. The design is simple. Then, you only have to do few steps to make this clay pot.

Funny Face Planter with Mini Pots

Your guest will directly smile seeing this cute clay pot. Plant flower, vegetable or fruit at this pot is a wisdom idea regarding to the importance of nature for human life.

Clay Pot with House Numbers

Using pots to write down your house number is brilliant idea. By using paint in any color you like, you are free to write your house number or house owner’s initial name.

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