Garage is a space to do quick repairs and fix something. And there are so many materials, tools and equipment that you have and it should be well organized, otherwise you may leave with short storage space there that may cause problems. But buying a new storage to keep it all will break your bank account. Worry not, let’s make your garage space better and organized with these 8 DIY garage storage ideas to organize your equipment below to inspire you.

1. DIY Garage Pegboard Wall


Pegboards are great to organize your garage space. Create a huge pegboard wall; cut the pegboard into any of the feasible sizes according to your space and thus easily get your garage storage problem fixed.

2. Wooden Built Shelving Unit

This wooden shelf is made of wooden planks that is so easy to make, cheap and quick to install yourself with any size, the number of shelves and design to fit and suit your spaces.

3. DIY Double Decker Garage Storage Shelves

This DIY double decker storage shelves are perfect for you who are lacking of space on the floor. The shelf got a top to hold some big stuff and the lower can house a little stuff and the lowest it got hooks to house a lot of stuff like wires, ropes and many more.

4. DIY Garage Family Bike Storage

Build this wall mounted cycle holding rack and thus not only organize your cycles but also save a huge space on the garage floor too. The rack is easy and simple to built your own.

5. Wall Tool Holders

Create a wooden shelf with the drilled wooden holders to store your handy equipment such as screwdrivers, drill indexes, and many more.

6. DIY Garage Workbench


Create a working bench for your workshop to not only have a comfy seat on but also organize a lot of stuff on it be it the seat or the lower built-in shelf there, just like in the picture above. The bench is just too simple and easy to install

7. DIY Sturdy Drawers

Make this sturdy and durable drawers from an old cabinet to store your tools, supplies and else. This drawers will make your garage space look tidy and clear.

8. DIY Sliding Storage System On the Ceiling

This DIY is the smartest of the garage storage hacks to use your ceiling for the organization of your plenty of garage stuff with these sliding storage system with the sliders and the plastic bins.

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