Do you have some buttons laying around? The ideas below are best to try for your entire family. Moreover, the craft ideas below are also affordable. Check the information on Special Edition Button Crafts For The Entire Family To Try.

Button Pendants

Special Edition Button Crafts For The Entire Family To Try


What a fascinating idea! Old buttons can makeover your pendant presentation. The materials you need are a lampshade with an interesting shape, scissors, lamp socket, lamp rod nipple, threaded cap with loop top, lamp cord, two-prong plug, wire strippers, nylon clear fishing line, chandelier pendant drops, chandelier crystal swags, sisal rope, copper wire, and buttons. Pay it with your patience while the result will pay for everything.

Button Tray

Special Edition Button Crafts For The Entire Family To Try


Go sand the wood a little with some sandpaper and wipe the dust off. Next, paint the tray with acrylic paint, adhere to a piece of black cardstock for contrast, and arrange your buttons. Last, glue the buttons into the tray bottom. If you have some teeny tiny buttons, it will be easiest to fill the tray nicely right to the edges.

Button Calendar

This idea is great for your home office or as a gift. Prepare your buttons, printed paper calendar, and frame. Glue them on the paper calendar and it’s ready to show.

Button Frames

If you have some buttons laying around and a boring picture frame, then button frames are the best solution for you. You can choose buttons in any size and harmonious colors then glue them on the frame. By creating this, you automatically add personality to your photos.

Button Napkins

Grab your favorite buttons and hand sew them in a napkin to update your napkin styles. Sure, this project can be done in a very short time of your afternoon while the result is definitely gorgeous.

Button Magnets

It is an upcycling idea of old buttons. By creating this, you can get an instantly new look for the kitchen and a way to hang up grocery and to-do lists. The materials to make these button magnets are button covering kits, fabric scraps, fabric scissors, pliers, glue dots, and ceramic magnets.

Button Rings

Special Edition Button Crafts For The Entire Family To Try


The materials you need to create these button rings are scissors, pipe cleaners pipe, and buttons. These rings are so fast to make where you can quickly make yourself a whole set.

Button Belt

A button belt can be the best idea if you are looking for a squarely spin on your wardrobe. Besides, it can be also a unique gift for your more artistic friends. The materials you need are buttons in many colors and yarn.



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