There’s nothing like breaking out the toolbox and starting on a new project for the backyard, though before we get started, it’s always important to tidy up. If the yard is already a bit of a mess, you don’t want to add even more to it! 

With that in mind, we know that cleaning up the yard, especially if it’s been left for quite a long while, can be one big task that takes away all motivation to get it done. However, with our six tips below, we’re sure you’ll be able to get on top of clearing your yard in no time! Take a look. 

1. Get On Top of Gardens 

Just like how an unmade bed can make a perfectly tidy bedroom look like a mess, an unpruned and untrimmed garden and lawn can make a backyard appear like a bomb site. 

With that in mind, our first tip is to take on the gardens and move in from there. Have a wheelbarrow ready, or a bunch of green waste bags and get started on picking up leaves, pulling weeds, and even getting all those old overgrown plants pulled out. 

We know that some of our readers don’t have access to a large vehicle to take out all of their green waste, and so taking care of garden waste with 1300 Rubbish is the next best thing. This way you will be able to pull out just about all the weeds, shrubs, and trees you need to and still have plenty of space for the rest of your backyard to tidy up. 

2. Rake or Mow, or Do Both 

Next up is getting on top of all of those leaves and overgrown lawns that might be making your yard look uncharacteristically unkempt. Of course, we know that you’ll know how to mow and rake already, so we won’t give you any tips here, though what we will say is that you may want to consider a new type of lawn, or paving some of the yards that don’t particularly need to be grassed. 

This may already be in your project idea, though if it isn’t, take a look at the parts of your yard that you aren’t often making use of and consider things such as a pool, pergola, backyard shed, or just about anything else and you’re all good to go. 

Less is more in the backyard, and with less lawn, you have less to mow and less to rake!

3. Repair Any Damage

If there’s been a storm, or this winter or summer has been particularly hard on your backyard, then there’s the need for a quick repair. 

Any holes or cracks in the deck should be dealt with by replacing a few planks of wood, broken pavers should be swapped out as should any leaks or issues with your irrigation systems. 

A little goes a long way in the backyard and the devil is in the details, so holes, cracks, and misaligned pavers can really hit the look of your yard, so get on top of these before kicking off on a new project! You’ll thank us later when your backyard looks like a well-kept and magazine-worthy space. 

4. Set Up an Organisation Zone

For our readers who often find that things become a little messy quite quickly in their yards, then we suggest having a zone in the yard explicitly for waste, tools, toys, and anything else. If something doesn’t have a home and is always sitting out in the yard, whether it be a mower, basketball, hose, sprinkler, or anything else – then give it a home. 

Whether this takes something as simple as a basket, a small shed, a space in the house or garage, or anything else, it is a godsend to give your tools and non-essentials a home. It makes clearing the yard easier than ever and keeps the space tidy for longer. 

5. Give Away Unused Items 

When it comes to the backyard, we’re confident in saying that you aren’t always going to use everything that’s sitting out there, and a lot of the time, you find that none of those old toys, tools, or storage compartments ever get used. 

So for this, we suggest giving away or throwing it out! 

Just because something has been sitting in the yard for a few years doesn’t mean it needs to live there forever, and so, the skip or getting an ad ready for Marketplace might be the best place for it.

6. Develop a New Plan 

Once your yard is nice and tidy, it’s always best to take a note of what you’ve done to get it there and stick this note to the fridge, or anywhere else you will want to see it! 

As we are sure you’ll agree with us, something is much easier done with a plan, and so a plan written from your successful clean-up is the best place to start. 

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