There are thousands of bracelets sold around the market. You can find the most beautiful for you. However, it will be nice to make a bracelet by hand by making DIY jewelry projects. It will show our creativity, our personality, and our interest.

The bracelet that we have made tells people that we are one of those who love to craft. Furthermore, it saves money. In this section, we are going to show you a beautiful leather bracelet with stamped metal that will inspire you. Check out the steps!

Diy cool leather bracelet with stamped metal 1

First of all, we need to redesign the pendant. In this step, you have to stamp any messages you like. Do you want to write inspirational sayings, touching words, your name, or anything? Even, you are free to stamp on your most favorite character drawings as well.

All can be used to fill the empty space of the metal pendant. This step is one of the most important steps to make the bracelet. It shows what you want to show to the people. Don’t forget to make holes in each metal pendant side.

Diy cool leather bracelet with stamped metal 2

Now we do the second step. Cut a piece of leather in any length as needed. In this picture, it is about 3 inches. Then, put half of the leather on the holes of the pendant. Fold it back and make sure that the leather has taught well on the metal pendant. So, it will not be messy to wear. The combination of leather and metal pendant is a great idea. This bracelet is versatile to wear for a woman or man. Even, an adult can wear this as well.

Diy cool leather bracelet with stamped metal 3

The last step will be done after you wrap the wire around both pieces of leather carefully. Add glue if needed to keep both sides strongly attached. This DIY project is easy to make and budget-friendly. Even a DIY newbie can finish it in less than an hour. As long as you have gathered all the materials, you will not get any problem doing this in minutes. Furthermore, you can customize the quotes on the metal pendant as you like Whether boys or girls will love it too. Combine this bracelet with any fashion style.




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