There are many things we can make using tissue paper. What about a bouquet for a wedding ceremony? We will make some roses in a bouquet. We don’t have to buy expensive materials to make this craft. Moreover, it will appear as beautiful as a real roses bouquet. Dare to make it now? Read this article further and get inspired! We believe you can make it in less than an hour.

How to make a wedding bouquet flower1

First, we have to gather the tools and supplies. We will need tissue papers, as many as possible. Then, prepare a wooden stick, glue, brush, and eye shadow powder. All of them are easy to find in the craft store. Or, you might have already grabbed them in your hand. Don’t worry! They are super cheap too.

How to make a wedding bouquet flower2

Second, take some sheets of tissue paper. After that, fold them one by one. Then, create waves on the top. This way will lead us to get beautiful petals later on. Make as many as possible according to how big the bouquet you will make.

How to make a wedding bouquet flower3

Third, take the wooden stick. It is a small wooden stick, or you can use chopsticks too. Take the tissue paper and apply the glue. Then, attach the stick to the tissue paper. Roll it over. Add tissue paper more and more until you get it looks like a flower.

How to make a wedding bouquet flower4

Fourth, tie the back using a tiny rubber bracelet. You will see a single white rose with beautiful petals. Make as many rose flowers as possible. Then, tie them up to make the bouquet. You might need more than fifty flowers to get it like a wedding bouquet.

How to make a wedding bouquet flower5

Fifth, it is time to make your white roses bouquet look mind-blowing. Touch it with color using eye shadow or blush on powder. Use a brush and apply. Do this step carefully to get a beautiful rose bouquet. Make sure that each rose gets colored well. You will see it appear like a real roses bouquet.

How to make a wedding bouquet flower6

The last, cover it using paper and a plastic bouquet. Tie it and add a beautiful ribbon. What do you think? This beautiful bouquet will make the bridegroom smiles happily. Oh, you are free to add pearls and glitters as well. It will make your bouquet looks more elegant. So, will you make it for your wedding day?



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