Kids love to make crafts and play with them. They enjoy the processes and get the result with a smile on their faces. Making crafts with them will make parents and kids get closer. Do you have an idea to make a craft this week? What about creating something that they are really familiar with? We believe they will love making dog crafts. Anyone loves dogs. We have collected DIY dog crafts in the list below. Check out and start making them right now!

DIY Cute Dog Head Craft

Diy cute dog head craft


It looks so cute. A dog head is easy to make. You will need craft paper, glue, and scissors. Your kid will be wearing this head craft. Moreover, if he loves dogs. Let us start by cutting the paper into a dog face. Then, attach the googly eyes, and add a nose and mouth. Finish it by adding the circle for the head. Customize the dog you like.

Printable Walking Dogs

Dogs love to walk. It will be happy to see the environment. This craft will teach the kids how good walking around is for a dog. Making it will not be tricky. You can print or draw it by hand. Then, attach the straws.

DIY Dog Origami Bookmark

You will not need to buy a bookmark. You can easily make some bookmarks from origami. Look at this cute dog bookmark! Ask your kids to make it with you. This craft will develop the kid’s motor control too. Show your creativity in making origami crafts that are useful. Feel free to customize the color and size you want.

DIY Dog Container

This craft is mind-blowing. Whether you make a dog container for a favor or for fun, it is easy. You will need cardstocks in a variety of colors, glue, scissors, and the dog design. First, print out the design and copy it to the cardstocks. Cut them out. Attach each element using glue. You can follow more instructions about how to make this DIY dog container from Jennifer.

DIY Pom Pom Dog

What a cute dog! You can make it soon by hand. Take yarn as much as you need. Then, make the pom poms. One pom-pom will be the head, while another will be the body. Attach them and add the ribbon in between. Create the face by adding google eyes, nose, and mouth. Now, you get a new dog with a cute face.


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