Bottle caps are something small and forgotten. You can make new things with those items. Instead of wasting them, creating crafts with bottle caps will be better. Furthermore, finding bottle caps aren’t hard at all. You can get them soon after a party. Started from ornaments, toys, or even jewelry items. You can make them from those bottle caps. In this section, we show you our ideas for DIY bottle cap crafts that are easy and affordable to make. Check out further and get more inspiration.

DIY Bottle Cap Necklace

Diy bottle cap necklace


Do you want to give a new necklace to your little girl? Look at this picture. It shows a cute bottle cap necklace. Making this necklace isn’t hard. You only need to fill the bottle cap with an epoxy sticker. Then, add a jump ring. Connect it with a chain.

Craft Bottle Caps Into Magnets

Make these magnets with your kids this week! It will be a fun thing to do. Furthermore, they will express their emotion with those magnets. Just pain the bottle caps. Draw the expression to show sad, angry, disappointed, and or happy feelings. Attach the magnet to the refrigerator door or anywhere you like.

DIY Bottle Cap Ladybug Toys

What about toys? If your kids love playing with toys, these ladybugs made of toys are awesome. You only need to paint those bottle caps. Then, add black polka dots. Improve by adding eyes. The kids will love to make more cute ladybugs this week. Feel free to customize the colors you like.

Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

Add ornaments to the Christmas tree. Make this DIY bottle cap snowman ornaments. Prepare three bottle caps. Paint them in whites. Then, attach them to one another using jump rings. Draw the face and add ribbons. Hang these ornaments on the Christmas tree or any space you want.

Stick-able Bottlecap Pincushion

Store your pins at a safe pace like a pincushion. Now, you don’t have to buy it from the store. Make the pincushion from unused bottle caps. Take a cushion. Then, attach it to the bottle cap using glue. Put on your pins on it. This is an easy peasy project that a beginner can finish in minutes.

DIY Bottle Cap Spider

The kids will love this project, sure. Take a bottle cap and paint it black. Then, attach the pipe cleaners using hot glue. The last, add googly eyes. It seems so spooky but cute as well. Use more spiders for your kids’ room decor.




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