Do you have a close friend? Everyone might have at least one person that becomes a close friend forever. Though you and your friend have been apart, you are still connected. You still keep in communication with her. Both of you should celebrate this friendship by making friendship accessories. Show how you appreciate her in your life. We have collected homemade friendship accessories you can make yourself. Check them out below and get inspired to make at least two items for you.

Homemade Pumpkin Necklace

Homemade pumpkin necklace


There are eight slices for eight people. Making this pumpkin necklace might need several minutes. You will need polymer lays orange, brown, tan, and white. Prepare liquid clay, toothpick, round-nose jewelry pliers, craft knife, headpins, chains, claw clasps, and jump rings. Make the necklaces together with your friends.

Heart Friendship Bracelet

Making this bracelet friendship is not tricky. You will need wooden beads, a jute rope, and a red pen. Make holes in the beads. Then, connect them. Draw the love shape. Make as many as you want to give to your friend. We believe your friend will love it.

DIY Friendship Pins

Friendship pins are great for purses, backpacks, and jackets. Buy the supplies at a craft store. You will need colorful pins and colorful plastic beads of different shapes. Ask your friend to make these pins with you. Both of you will remember this moment forever.

Homemade Resin Monogram Keychains

What a cool project! Resin keychains look so gorgeous. You will need a resin kit, measuring cups, toothpicks, glitter or other fillers, and other keychain accessories you like. Follow more instructions from Thehandmadehome to see how to make it. Feel free to customize the sizes, colors, and shapes you want.

DIY Stamped Initial Bracelet 

Here is another friendship bracelet inspiration. Prepare the supplies like gold coin discs and chains, jump rings, lobster claw closure, and jeweler’s bench block. First, stamp the gold coin with the jewelry’s bench block using a hammer till you get the initial you want. Second, attach the gold chain to the gold coin. Follow more instructions here.

DIY Simple Wire Heart Ring

What a lovely ring! You can make it by using a wire. Shape it into a heart shape and continue to make the ring. It is an easy craft that a beginner can finish in less than an hour. Check out more from Lisa to know how to make it.


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