We might see the long cord and bulky charging boxes elsewhere. How can we make them more organized? We should eliminate cord clutter but keep all our devices in one easy-to-find place. Let us build a charging station. We might need tools and supplies like a wooden box, cardboard, or anything to hide the cold clutter. Check out the list below. We will see creative ways to hide the cords and make our space looks tidy. Ready? Here we go!

Drawer Charging Station

Drawer charging station


Hide your long cords and charging boxes in the drawer. It will make your area looks clean and tidy. Without cord clutter, it will be easier to decorate your table. Furthermore, you don’t have to make anything to optimize the drawer space to clear any clutter.

DIY Charging Station with Woven Basket

What do you think of it? A charging station doesn’t have to look bulky. We can change it better by using a woven basket. Look at the picture! It is a genius idea to hide the cord on the basket. It saves space and looks so decorative.

DIY Charging Station Side Table

Use the space of the side table. Make the station using wood boards. It seems like making wooden shelves. Hide the cord to keep the side table looks tidy and clean. Just drill the hole. Feel free to make more drawers for more cords.

DIY Simple Family Charging Station

If you have a shoebox, you can use it to make a DIY simple family charging station. You will need a few supplies like a shoebox, a power strip, and wrapping paper. First, decorate the box using wrapping paper or washi tape. Then, make the holes at the back of it. Then, it is ready to use.

DIY Silverware Caddy Charging Station

First, you need a bucket or a tin can. Second, paint it in a silver hue. Third, make a hole in the back. Fourth, add a partition to divide the space for cellphone, tab, or other devices. We believe you can make it in less than 15 minutes. Feel free to decorate it with notes, a pin, or others.

DIY Cell Phone Charging Station

Make your bedside table looks tidier. Though it is a charging station, you can keep it organized well. This charging station is made of an old book. It has a rectangular notch there. So, you can keep the cold cell phone while charging. This project is super easy and affordable for anyone.


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