Nowadays, everyone is listening to music on the internet. They watch movies from applications like Disney Hotstar, Netflix, etc. No more CDs, we mean, CDs are rarely found. Everything is provided well by the internet. Is there any CD in your room? Or, you might keep some CDs in your drawers? Well. It’s time for you to change those old CDs into something more useful. We have collected DIY accessories from old Cds that you can make soon. Check them out and get more inspiration!

DIY Old CD Earrings

Diy old cd earrings


No need to buy new earrings. Make a couple of earrings from old CDs. Cut them out into several equal pieces. Attach them using jump rings. Feel free to customize the design you want. A new pair of earrings will make you appear more stylish from now.

DIY Triangle Statement Necklace from Old CDs

Cut a CD into some equal triangles. Attach them to a chain using jump rings. Now, the necklace is ready. It will create a rainbow effect when you wear it. Give this DIY necklace to your friend as a gift. It is so easy and affordable to make this kind of necklace, even for a beginner. Combine this necklace with a casual fashion style like a T-shirt and jeans. 

DIY Hologram Bracelet

Do you want to come to a night party or just for everyday style? Wearing hologram bracelets is the key. It seems like adding a magical curse to your bracelet. If you want to make it soon, just follow the instruction from vjuliet. Customize the style you want. Oh, you can make a DIY hologram necklace as well this way.

DIY Bead Pins Necklace

What do you think of this necklace? It is made of some bead pins that are united and those are made of old CDs. First, you have to cut the CDs into small pieces. Then, boil them to get soft. Use those pieces to make beads. Attach each bead to a chain using jump rings. This project will need several minutes. But, you will love the result.

DIY Old CD Heart Pendant

Making new pendants from old CDs is not hard. You can just cut the CD into a heart shape. Then, get it more attractive by adding coral. Create more hearts. Attach them to the chain. And, you will get a new necklace with heart pendants that reflect light and create a rainbow.

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