Christmas Day brings happiness to all people in the world. The kids love that day so much. To welcome Christmas, ask your kids to create crafts that will spruce up the home on Christmas Day. It can be in a term of home items or other things that are more useful. In this article, we are going to show you creative ideas about Christmas crafts that your kids will love. Let us check them out further below!

Popsicle Santa Hat

What about creating these Santa hats for Christmas Day? Take a red paper, some popsicles, and pom pom. Create triangular shapes from red paper. Then, attach the popsicle sticks and pom pom bu using regular school glue. It is an easy project, isn’t it?

Snowflake From Cotton Swab

Snowflake from cotton swab

Take various sizes of cotton swabs. Ask the kids to adhere to them in a round-cut felt or you can use cardstock as well. Let your room gets snowstorms by displaying these snowflakes inside. The more snowflakes, the more cool your interior will be.

Amazing Foot Print

Use paint to get this foot print. Prepare a canvas or a white paper as the platform. Add antlers, eyes, and other decorative elements to live up this amazing item. Feel free to add pom pom, stars, string lights, or other things to make this foot print more impressive.

Make A Paper Bag Reindeer

This easy project will make your kids have fun to welcome Christmas Day. Furthermore, it is a budget-friendly craft that anyone can make. Take a paper bag, add eyes and red nose to live it up. Then, cut a paper to make the antler with your hand print. So cool!

Cute Paper Elf

See this cute paper Elf that will smile at you all day and night. Take a round paper plate. Then, add eyes and a red nose. Craft the smiling lips by using a black thread. Give more white pom pom at the head. Then, give the same color to live up the hat and cloth.

Candy Stick Craft

Can you imagine that a candy stick can be changed into this amazing reindeer? Add the eyes and teeny red pom pom noses to get a cute candy can reindeer as like as this picture. Then, attach the brown pipe cleaner antlers to complete the design.

Cool Christmas Tree From Popsicle Sticks

Cool christmas tree from popsicle sticks

First of all, you need to paint the popsicle sticks in any colors as you wish. Then, attach them to each other to becoming a triangular shape. Add other ornaments like a star, pom pom, or others.

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