Getting creative with old pillows has to be one of the most fun things to do when repurposing unnecessary stuff in the house. 

Pillows go bad because of usage over the years. It is recommended by the National Sleep foundation to change pillows every two years as these get exposed to billions of bacteria every day. While decluttering the house, you may also find cushions and throw pillows sitting neglected in the cupboard or the attic. 

They might smell stale, or look dusky, but a little wash or some DIY tricks can certainly bring them back to life. Here are seven amazing DIY ideas for you to get creative with your old pillows. 

Transform Old Pillows into New Pillows

If you treat them correctly in the washing machine, they can prove to be good companions again. If your pillows are made of feather or down, it is very easy to wash those feather inserts because these are made of natural materials. On the contrary, the synthetic material can be a little difficult to work with because they turn lumpy.

Put your duck or goose down, or feather pillows in a washing machine with a gentle detergent without any harmful chemicals. Avoid fabric softeners or putting in very hot water because these reduce the fluffiness of the material. Wash at the highest speed and only 2 pillows at a time.

Washing those feather pillows will make them completely new and you can comfortably sleep on them again. Or you can refill your other pillows or cushions with these bacteria-free feathers or down inserts, which will save a lot of money.

Make Bed for Your Pet

Make Pet Beds that your pets love with old pillows. You have rarely seen a pooch not loving a warm and cozy bed. Not to forget, pet beds on the market are quite expensive.

After washing the old pillows, stitch the filling in a pet-friendly fabric. Stick it to a wooden pet bed stand, crib, or basket. Make sure you stick the new pup pillow onto something because they love to drag and rip them apart.

Use Pillow Filling as Packing Material

Using pillow filling as the packing material is so much better than going for plastic bubble wraps or Thermacol sheets. This is an eco-friendly idea that will come in hand whenever you have to transport anything fragile or ship someone a valuable gift. Thermocol and plastic have been known to be non-biodegradable substances so avoiding these packing materials completely will be beneficial for the planet. 

Cushioning your items with the soft pillow filling will keep them safe from getting scraps. If you have latex or memory foam pillows, you can get them into the right shape to fit around the item.

Refill Stuffed Toys

Refill stuffed Toys for your children or pets with old pillow filling. Stuffed toys lose their fluff because they are stretched, dragged, and torn apart. Needless to say, no stuffed toy should be thrown away after a little use. All you need is a needle and thread, just stuff in the filling and stitch the torn areas. Or if you are handy with sewing, create a new stuff toy altogether.

Craft Some Floor Cushions and Throw Pillows

If you have many old pillows, why not transform them into nice floor cushions? This one is a perfect solution for video games, board games, sleepovers, and parties when guests are looking for a place to sit. Big cushions are always a great addition to a family living room, gaming room, or any cozy corner by the fireplace. 

Also using some filling to fluff up your throw pillows can be a great way of renewing them. 

You can even cut the pillow in half, stitch the ends and get them new pillowcases.  Skip the fancy designer throw pillows, you can make your own, personalized version with even little skill in many shapes and sizes.

Seal Up the Spaces in Your Door

A nifty idea to stop any cool or warm air from escaping the drafts of the door or windows is to seal it with pillow filling. The drafts in the door can increase your electricity bill because of the energy over-consumption. The DIY drafters can be simply created with knee socks, some pillow filling, some dried popcorn, and a scrap of fabric. Here is a simple way how this hack can be done easily at home.

Use the Pillow Stuffing for Decorations 

Christmas trees are always in need of the extra pomp and flair. The more snow you create around them, the better it looks. Old Pillow Filling can create that look in your living space without any need to buy fake snow from the market. You can then throw away the filling for waste disposal. Make sure not to waste a perfectly good pillow for this DIY Christmas project

You can also re-use the pillow filling on your child’s art project at school. Create Clouds, a bearded man, snow, ocean waves, or just use it as filler for a paper sculpture. The options are endless. 

Making the best out of your old pillows is a satisfying way of putting your creativity to work. Just because things are old does not deem them to be useless. There is always a way out, just a little wash and scrub should make them good to use again. Otherwise, there are a lot of ways in which old pillows can be repurposed for your home.

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