Are you looking for a colour system? The most popular colours in Australia are green, gold, and white. A colour system, which the Seaga Group offers, can add vivid colours to everyday items. The key is to know some helpful tips to help you choose wisely. For example, you might take a different approach when selecting colours for fashion, interiors, and graphics. Here are some of the most popular colour systems:

Fashion and Interiors

Some of the most common types of colour guides for commercial use are for fashion and interiors; For example, colour guides might be used in fashion when adding colours to fabrics.   

Colour is one of the most important factors related to fashion. When creating a fashion line, for example, it’s important to carefully select a particular shade so you’ll match up hues to get the exact look you want. In some situations, there are minimal differences in similar shades of a particular colour.

Meanwhile, when selecting interior colours, it’s important to also have an effective colour guide or swatch card. This can help match up hues of different elements in a room, including furniture, paint or wallpaper, and décor. 

Using these tools can help create a colour scheme for key parts of a house, such as the living room, family room, or bedroom. Interior colour schemes can be very complex, so it’s important to use such tools to make your work easier.   


This includes different items like opaque or translucent chips. You can use these items for different applications. As with other colour systems, plastic chips are more ideal for certain applications. 

Resins are added to plastic products to add various colours. There are two main methods that are used to add colours with these plastic chips. It’s important to know the basics about these processes so you can pick the best plastic chips for certain applications. 


There are several types of colour guides that include different types of colours, like pastels and neons. You can select among different colour guides to help create graphics. The guides might be available in different forms, like coated or uncoated.

Another option is the lighting indicator stickers. This makes it easy to determine if your ambient lighting conditions are providing an accurate visual read of a particular colour. The process is basic yet effective, which makes it practical. 

Here’s how two patches work. They react to the viewing illumination by altering colours in different temperatures. It’s important to note that these are lighting temperatures. 

Offset Plates

Offset printing tech uses plates that are usually produced from aluminium. They’re used to transfer an image to a rubber blanket. That image is then rolled onto a sheet of paper. The term “offset printing” is used since the ink isn’t directly transferred to paper.

Some companies that offer offset plates are also official Kodak distributors. Kodak’s first Australian retail store opened in Melbourne in 1900. 


This colour system involves identifying and matching hues through a scientific approach. The system is named after Albert Munsell, who was an artist who used scientific thinking. He wanted to create a system that made it easy to show colours in a concrete manner.

If you’re searching for a colour system, you can find options through sources like Seaga Group. The options include plastics, fashion/interiors, and offset plates. This can help you select the right colour among a myriad of options.    

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