Do you have items that are not used anymore? However, do not rush to throw it in the trash. You can recycle the furniture into a handicraft that has aesthetic value. Furthermore, crafts made from used materials can produce goods that are cute and beautiful, as well as can be useful for everyday life. So, without spending a lot of money, but can create goods that can be used and have added value, because it is made from reprocessed materials.

For those of you who love to sew and are looking for ways to be more creative, then you can make beautiful craft creations. Moreover, you don’t need reliable and qualified sewing skills, these beautiful handicraft creations are really easy to make. Then the materials used are also quite affordable and It can even be obtained free of charge. Like for example using patchwork or fabric materials kilos. So, with a little effort, you can have beautiful crafts that can make your kids happy.

Choose used branches and keys to make this colorful craft

Combine the handle of the ice cream with colored strings to make a cute craft. Then use it to play with your kids.

Make your room more cheerful. For example, decorate your walls with garlands in the form of sunrise.

Floral crafts with colorful paper material.

Make a crown with colored paint

Make this birdhouse craft with colorful paper

Reuse used cans to make crafts

This craft has a cute turtle shape

Use shirt buttons as leaves to make this tree craft

Wrap the planter with a colorful rope

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3d paper hearts for wall decor

Diy 3d paper stars on the wall

Diy black ravens on the wall

Diy paper bats on the wall for Halloween

Geometric paper wall hangings

Giant confetti wall decor

The hexagon wall art of metallic and glitter paper

Neon ornaments wall decals

Paper big blooms decor

Paper flower wall

Tissue paper giant flowers

Toilet paper rolls wall art

Triangle wall decor

Wallpaper mosaic on the wall

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Colorful pom-pom wall hanging

Easy paper flower craft

Embroidery hoop wall art

Fish scale wall craft

Gold canvas metallic accent wall crafts

Gold leaf map wall craft

Pallet wall art combined with small pom poms

Simple hanging foliage wreaths

Wire letter wall craft

Wood arrows wall art

Yarn wall crafts

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Animal stone crafts

Beautiful homemade stepping stones

Canvas wall decor using pebbles

Creative stone art canvas in green

Cute caterpillar stone crafts

Cute craft ideas with stone

Elegant wall picture stone crafts

Stonecraft canvas ideas

Stone tree crafts with frame

Stunning aquarium stone art canvas

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Craft wooden wall clocks

Crafts from pieces of wood that become beautiful wreaths

Cute wood owl crafts

Woodcrafts combined with lighting, then you can use it to lighten the room while you were sleeping.

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The craft of pallets in the shape of a Christmas tree

Cute wooden mouse themed craft

Pallet with creative pumpkin paintings

United states themed wooden blocks

Wood lamp handles and you can use it to decorate your living room.

Wreaths of flowers made from small pieces of wood. In addition, you can use colorful ribbon to make it look beautiful.

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Besides that, by using it, directly you will play a role in reducing waste which is a source of problems in various places. Trash that is around you can actually be used to become a unique handicraft material. Used items such as newsprint, glass bottles, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles can be made into products that may have high selling points.

A craft that is easy for you to make is a flower vase. First, cut the straw into 3 parts. Then, use a straw with a different color, then a pair of scissors with a straw-shaped top. And don’t forget to apply wood glue to the can evenly and thoroughly on the outside. Then cut the top part of the can. Glue the straw to a can that has been smeared with glue, and arrange by alternating colors. Then trim the end of the straw over the height of the can. Then, cover with beads, and wait for it to dry completely. Finally, the flower vase is ready to use

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