In an aim to have a wonderful room decoration to welcome spring, we need to decorate our home beautifully. There are many ways to redecorate your room for spring. One of the easiest ways is making a wreath. This simple piece will add beauty to your house and dramatically change the feeling. Of course, it depends on what kind of wreath that you use. Here we have wreath ideas for spring that you can make it.

Beautiful Succulent Wreath

Hang this succulent wreath on your door or window to add spring feeling. Succulent is one of the most recommended plants for wreath because it will live longer than other plants. Further, it will easy to maintain. Then, of course, beautiful.

With Lemon Wreath


You only need a standard green wreath. After that add a yellow ribbon and some faux lemons. This wreath will work well all year long. It doesn’t matter what season is. This lemon wreath looks great for spring, summer, and other seasons or celebrations.

Wildflower and Burlap Wreath

Look at this wreath that has been done in a rustic style with a big burlap ribbon. It shows a beautiful wildflower that so natural. Apply this for spring decoration is a great idea. With a simple touch, your home looks ready to welcome spring.

House Number Wreath

This wreath is more functional with the number. The blooms beautify this wreath with different colors. What you need to prepare to create this wreath is a standard wreath, numbers, and faux blooms. Then, hang it anywhere at your house.

Simple Sunflower Wreath

What about this wreath? Anyone can make it in less than two hours. Look at the burlap that shaped well to look like a sunflower. You need to prepare some burlaps in different colors like yellow, green, brown to have this wonderful DIY.

Pink Floral Wreath

If you already make this wreath for Valentine’s Day, use it for spring decor is nice. It has a standard wreath that made of branches. Then, some faux blooms in pink colors attached to it beautifully. So cute, isn’t it?

Unique Birdhouse Wreath

Unique birdhouse wreath


What about this? You only need to buy or create a standard wreath from greenery. Then, hang the birdhouse in the middle of the wreath. Then, you will see a unique wreath.

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