As spring comes and knocking our door, some arrange to our house that needs to be done. One of the things that need re-arrangement is the decoration of our home. Store all our Winter Decorations and change them with Spring decorations. And as we know, winter is all about white and warm while Spring is about joy and fun, so the difference between decoration is quite clear.

There is a lot of decoration that you can use for your house this spring, form flower kraft, colorful paint, etc. Talking about Spring decoration, we found some DIY decoration that will look cute and pretty when you place it on your foyer, kitchen or windowsill. If you are interested in this DIY, then scroll down and take a look at Wonderful DIY Pompom Balls Tree That Will Make Your House Feel Full Of Colors.

Material :

  • Pompom Balls
  • Vase
  • Twigs
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun

How To Do It :

1 First, you need to gather some twig from your front yard or backyard. Try to find twigs with various sizes in order to make it more natural and pretty. But you need to remember don’t take the twig with a big size.

Wonderful DIY Pompom Balls Tree That Will Make Your House Feel Full Of Colors

2 Next, glue pompom balls to the twig with enough space and not too close and not too far. Try to glue different colors of pompom balls to make it prettier. And since we will use this decoration in Spring, I think its better if we use pompom balls with bright colors. After you glue pompom balls to the twig, then let it dry.

3 Using clear and cleans Vase, gather all the twigs with pompom balls on it and arrange them together. You can add some dry leaves inside the vase to make it looks more natural. Also, you can add Flower Kraft around the vase to make it feel more alive. Gather your Pompom Balls Tree around other natural decorations to create a little beautiful garden for this spring.

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