We already share with you about DIY Easter Bunny with a sock, and we will share more and more about DIY Easter Event to make your kids Easter feel more excited wonderful. And today we will talk about Making DIY Easter Egg with Minions Theme. Yup, that cute yellow creature.

So, prepare the material and spend some time with your kids to make these Minions and have quality time together. Now, take a look at Wonderful DIY Easter Egg With Minion Theme That Is Easy And Cheap.

Material :
  • Dye Kit
  • Sharpie
  • Glue
  • Moveable Eyes
  • Black String
  • Vinegar
How To Do It :

1 First, prepare dye in two cups.

2 Next, you need to pour 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar into a cup and then put the dye tablet. Wait until all the tablets dissolve.

3 Pour ¼ cup of water with room temperature into the dye.

4 After you get the right mixture, then dip half of the egg into the yellow dye first, or you can also dip the egg to the blue one first. To make it easier, fill the cups with enough water for half of the egg. After you dip the egg into the dye, don’t pull them out yet and wait for a moment. The longer you put the egg in the dye, the brighter the color will be. You can choose the brightness of the color depending on your taste. After you get the right brightness, then wait until the color dry, then put the other half into the dye and repeat the process.

5 Next, we will glue the eyes of the minion to the eggs. After you glue the eyes, then draw a circle with a sharpie around the eyes. After that, you also need to glue the black string from the circle outline on one side to the other side.

6 For the final touch, draw the mouth for Minions. While drawing the mouth, try to create as many as an expression with the mouth so the Easter Egg that you make will have more variation on it.

Now, after everything is done, your Easter Egg Minions are ready to go.

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