If you’re someone who detests useless gifts, then this article is for you. Gifts should be meaningful, emotional, or practical. Even socks are a great gift! They keep your feet warm and cozy. 

But you know what’s better than a practical gift? Give them a gift that is both practical and thoughtful. And if you can DIY, then it’s even better. DIY gifts are the heights of thoughtful gifts. 

The Best DIY Gifts that Seasoned Travelers Will Love

Traveling can often be hard on a person’s psyche, especially if they’re going away for a long time. A thoughtful gift can elevate a gloomy flight or lonely days in the hotel. 

The key to making the perfect gift is adding the element of comfort. But, of course, you should personalize it according to the traveler. 

So, if you’re looking for gifts for travel lovers, you’re in the right place. Here’s a list of homemade gifts ideal for vagabonds! Let’s get started. 

1. A Comfortable Neck Pillow  

Travelers are often lumped in long trips on the train or plane. The smart ones try to catch up on much-needed sleep during this time. However, it’s not as easy to do so while sitting upright. 

The perfect gift for these individuals is a comfortable DIY neck pillow. A soft, cozy travel pillow will make their sleep more comfortable.

And do you know the best part? These pillows are super easy to make. All you need is some stuffing, fabric,  stitching tools and any beginner DIY artist can do it. 

They can be constructed in just under 30 minutes. And you can go crazy with the fabric. You can select a single pattern or opt for a patchwork designer! 

2. A DIY Toiletries Bag 

Do you know what’s one of the most annoying parts of traveling? Keeping all your toiletries in one place. But, do you know what’s worse? Reaching your hotel only to realize you missed out on one of your bathroom necessities. 

A toiletries bag saves you from all that trouble. Your traveler friend can keep everything in one place. Also, this saves them from packing too many items. 

They’ll know precisely how many items to carry. So, you’re indirectly saving them from a lot of trouble. Overweight surcharges are annoying! So, help your friend by creating a practical DIY toiletries bag.

 3. A Lightweight Sleeping Mask 

You may have chosen to make a neck pillow. But imagine how much more relaxing your gift will be with a complimentary sleeping mask! You can use the same fabric, so they match. 

Your friend will be able to get the rest they need with a matching sleep mask. Help them protect their eyes from the blinding lights. All naps will feel more relaxing. 

4. Laptop, Tablet, or Camera Covers 

Traveling places a toll on your devices. Carrying all those bags, shifting seats, packing, and unpacking is enough to make anyone flustered. The devices will be worse for wear. 

That’s why you should consider making them device covers. For example, you can stitch a soft laptop cover for your friend! Then, add a compartment outside for the charger and other cables. 

Some people prefer carrying tablets instead. A usual covering isn’t sufficient. They’re more fragile. So, it’s safer to keep them in a pocket-like casing. Moreover, this keeps them free of dust and grime. 

You can also design a quilted camera case. Travelers love carrying their cameras around. That’s why this gift is something they’ll adore. It’ll protect the camera lenses and allow them to take beautiful pictures!

 5. A Beautiful Bookmark 

Yes, a lot of travelers use Kindle or tablets to read now. But the traditionalists prefer books. There’s something different about paperbacks. No device can offer the same reading experience. 

If your friend is hitchhiking in Europe, imagine the image they will portray reading a book in a coffee shop. C’est la vie! So, why don’t you make them a bookmark? 

6. A DIY Wallet or Luggage Tag 

It’s easy to get flustered while traveling. So, some documents might be out of order. Help your friend avoid this dilemma. Create a travel wallet to help them keep their documents in place. 

7. Journal Covers or Travel Notebooks 

Some travelers enjoy keeping a log of their travels. They typically use journals and notebooks. If your friend is one such vagabond, you can consider designing a journal cover for them. 

Get a blank notebook and design a custom cover for it. Or, you can make it from scratch. Add features like keepsake pouches. This section can store their tickets or tiny trinkets.

8. Bag Blings

A travel bag is an ideal gift for a frequent traveler. However, you can elevate it. Add a personal touch to the bag. For example, you can travel patches to make it look exotic! Or, find beautiful keyrings. 

9. For the Cosmetics! 

Someone who is a bit of a fashionista carries a lot of make-up in their bag. Has it ever happened that you had styled your hair and just dumped the tool in your bag after use? 

You come back to see a section of your dress is burned! Running late can lead to all these silly mistakes. Why don’t you take inspiration from this incident and sew hot tool cozies? 

These nifty cozies will store all your hot hair tools in an encased space. So you can pop the curling iron in your suitcase without anticipating trouble!

You can also consider sewing a mini cosmetics bag. People who love makeup carry plenty of it with them. So a cute bag with a zipper will be a lovely gift for them! 

A jewelry pouch is also something you can consider. It’s a tiny bag dedicated to valuables. This bag will prevent the pieces from bumping into each other and getting lost in the suitcase. 

10. The Desired Laundry Bag

If your friend is on the road for a while, they might not get the chance to do their laundry. In these instances, they might want to keep their dirty clothes separately. So, why don’t you create a DIY laundry bag for them?  

11. A Play on Maps 

Not all gifts have to be carried by them. You can consider making them a welcoming gift instead, especially if they have everything they need. 

Flower wreaths are overrated! Consider making a map wreath instead. This gift will highlight your friend’s passion for traveling as soon as people walk past their door. You can also make them a cute map bracelet. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding something an avid traveler will love can be difficult. Now you know what to give a friend who travels frequently! These DIY gifts are bound to impress the globetrotter. 

Constructing something from scratch is a more personal process. Traveling is perhaps your friend’s favorite hobby. Give them something that adds value to it. This meaningful gift will go a long way. 

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you’ll enjoy this process too! A lot of thought and energy goes into these little projects. So enjoy these projects and live vicariously through your traveling friends! 

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