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Tips For Packing Makeup For Your Move

Realistically speaking, moving can be challenging for all your personal belongings, especially your makeup items. That’s because makeup is made from different liquids, powders, and other materials that can be quickly damaged when not packed properly and efficiently. 

To make sure your makeup sets are still intact after your move, below are some tips for packing them safely:

1. Declutter Your Makeup Drawer

The first thing you should do is to clean out your makeup drawer to make sure you’re only bringing the essential ones. You might not know but you might have some dried out or expired makeup products inside your drawer that need to be disposed of before the move. 

When cleaning out, check the expiration labels of your makeup items and check their current condition. If you think some of your lipsticks, foundations, and many more are already broken or damaged, get rid of them right away so they don’t add to your moving checklist. 

2. Reorganized Your Makeup Kits

If you want to pack your makeup in a safe and efficient manner, then find time to reorganize them as early as you can. By setting aside different sets can help you handle them during the packing process. For instance, get everything categorized by putting the lipsticks on one side and the other makeups on the other hand. 

Also, when reorganizing your makeup sets, don’t forget to set aside some for your travel needs. Sometimes, it’s difficult to go back and search for your favorite makeup kit once you pack them already. 

3. Remove Hazardous Items

Generally, most professional moving companies disallow you to self-pack hazardous makeup products which are flammable such as nail polish, perfume, and many more. Hence, if you want to ensure a seamless packing and moving of your makeup sets, find time to remove hazardous items in your packing list. 

In case you need to bring these things with you, contact the best moving company NYC or wherever you are in the world to handle the packing of harmful makeup products. They have the knowledge and skills which can help you pack all your beauty products without hassle. 

4. Make Use Of Makeup Bag

One of the best ways to pack your makeup is to use a large makeup bag. Be sure the one you pick has pouches and pockets where you can easily separate your items. By using a makeup bag, you can keep your makeup kits safe plus keep them all organized. 

5. Use Bubble Wrap

When it comes to your makeup which is made of liquids such as nail polish, perfumes, and many more, you should be very cautious in packing them to avoid getting damaged during the move. If possible, cover them in bubble wrap to provide an additional layer of protection while they’re transported to your new house. Take advantage of extra cushioning if necessary to ensure the safety of all your makeup bottles. 

On the other hand, if you want professionals to handle your packing needs, a call to Movers NYC or other parts of the world can be a great option. Instead of packing the items by yourself, you can entrust the work to these people to make sure everything is packed accordingly and safely. 

6. Label Items Accordingly

Once everything is packed, you can now start sealing the packages and label them accordingly. When you have labels in place, you can keep all your makeup items organized and make the unpacking process much easier and faster. Remember, unpacking can take more time and if you don’t know where your specific products are placed, you might not be able to prevent powders from getting into liquid and vice versa while the unpacking is going on. 

Final Thoughts

If you follow these tips for packing makeup for your move and keeping all of your other items organized, you should find that your packing and moving experience will be a breeze and not have to worry about any break out in order to pack your makeup for your move.

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