With Christmas close to a month away the need to make ornaments and homemade gifts that will stand out every day. When your craft serves as a sentimental keepsake, it will forever memorialize to anyone who knows you. Thus, all the ideas are collected on Delightful Christmas Handprint Crafts That Anyone Will Keep It Forever.

Handprint Keepsake Ornament

This handprint keepsake ornament is very simple for your kid’s handprint craft that will be cherished for years. All materials you need for this craft are acrylic paint (red and white), plastic or glass ornaments, a paintbrush, and clear Mod Podge. Then, you can hang it from your tree or fill it with candies. It can be also a gift to your closest ones.

Fingerprint Ornament

Fingerprint ornament Delightful Christmas Handprint Crafts That Anyone Will Keep Forever

This cute ornament is so pretty to hang on the Christmas tree this year. The lovely thing about this ornament is that the little hearts are made with your kids’ fingerprints. The supplies needed for this ornament are polymer clay, holiday cookie cutters, drinking straw, gold acrylic paint, paintbrush, rubber letter stamps, gold paint pen, ribbon, and foil.

Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments

This handprint ornament is a sentimental gift for your loved ones or can be a keepsake to cherish forever. The materials you need are 4 cups of flour, a cup of salt, food coloring, a large mixing bowl, water to moisten, a cookie sheet, a tad of oil, a small rolling pin or wooden dowel, a drinking straw, ribbon, a plate for a guide, and paint.

Handprint Reindeer Ornament

This Christmas ornament would be a special gift for kids or parents this year. The materials you need are white art paper, brown tempera paint, paintbrush, markers, mini red pom-poms, glue, scissors, paper for the background, single hole punch, and ribbon.

Simple Santa Handprint Craft

This delightfully sweet and simple Santa craft uses two handprints side by side for a fuller Santa beard. The supplies you need are colored cardstock, glue stick, scissors, black marker, and Santa template.

Handprint Christmas Tree

This is the real picture of layers upon layers of kids’ handprints traced onto green paper create a Christmas tree shape. You can make it beautiful with dot pompom ornaments and a top with a gold star. The complete supplies you need are a brown painted paper tower roll, gold paper plate, green cardstock, pom-poms (green, white, and red), tape, and Christmas tea towel, cardboard, and gold glitter paper.

Handprint Christmas Tree Cards

Handprint christmas tree cards Delightful Christmas Handprint Crafts That Anyone Will Keep Forever

This is so lovely craft for this year’s Christmas. Thus, you will need a free printable template, green paper, brown and yellow marker pens, mini pom-poms, glitter pipe cleaners, craft buttons, glue, scissors, and pencil.


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