What will you do with your old ties? Repurposing them will be the best idea ever. You might change your tie every year or anytime new styles come. Instead of keeping the old ties in the storage, you can reuse them for different functions. From home items to jewelry, using ties as the basic materials will give you awesome crafts. Ties come in different patterns and colors. Get on thread and needle. Cut and sew them to get new things. We guarantee that this project is affordable and easy to make. Check out our ideas further and get more inspiration!

Inspired Sunburst Clock

Inspired sunburst clock


Do you love retro styles? It will be nice to use old ties to create a sunburst clock. Sew the ties to look like a sunburst. Then, use those ties around the clock. You will love the entire look of the sunburst with more colors and patterns.

Decorate Throw Pillows

Upgrade your old throw pillows. It is not a hard project. Even, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. First of all, trim your ties. Then, use it to cover your old throw pillow. Feel free to customize the patterns and sizes you like. Even, you are free to mix and match different tie patterns in one throw pillow.

Decorative Photo Album

If you want to make a Father’s Day gift, this craft is one of the best DIYs for you. Just buy a new photo album. Then, attach three ties to the cover. Feel free to customize the shapes and sizes. Now, you will see a photo album with your own personal touches for your lovely father. Cool, huh? This project is also easy to do. Even, it is only less than an hour to finish this craft.

DIY Ruffled Neckline T-Shirt

Change your ordinary T-shirt with your personal touch. Look at the t-shirt above that is more eye-catching with a ruffled neckline. Well, you can do so for your own t-shirt with neckties. It might need several minutes but the result will not be disappointing. We are sure you will love this easy peasy craft. Even, a DIY newbie can finish this craft in less than an hour.

Mind-Blowing Necktie Wreath

This stunning wreath is to improve your front door decor. Use different colors and shapes of neckties to get as eye-catching as this. Furthermore, it can be used for the next years. No matter summer, fall, winter, or even spring, this necktie wreath will never go out of style.

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