Christmas Eve celebrations are usually the most awaited moment for children. Because usually at that time there will be many gifts that are located under the Christmas tree that is presented to them. For the sake of a memorable Christmas, parents certainly make gifts as attractive as possible so that their children become happy. Making attractive gifts can certainly be a way to wrap it using various unique ornaments.

Before making an interesting gift, we must prepare the equipment that we need. The equipment we need is masking tape, colorful paper, and scissors. The purpose of our preparation is that the gifts that you make will look neat and beautiful. In addition, we also have to decorate it with various trinkets that symbolize the spirit of Christmas such as a mini Christmas tree, red ribbon, ball ornament, pine tree seeds, and others.

Ball Ornament

Creative DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping to give to your close friends. You can use pink gift wrapping and give ball ornament accessories. To make it looks beautiful, wrapped around the box with a ball ornament using a burlap rope that will look neat.

Tree Garland

Christmas gift wrappers are simple and easy to do alone. Just use frosted Christmas paper, then give a touch of this Christmas season. You can use the Christmas tree theme, which attached to the Christmas gift wrap. To beautify it, you can add polka dot ribbons.

Cardboard Box Snowman

Creative Christmas gift wrapping with a snowman theme. You can pile up regularly the size of a Christmas gift, then wrap it in white wrapping. Then stick the shirt buttons with glue on the gift box to make it looks real. To complete it you can add a round hat and plaid ribbon that is like a scarf.

Wreath Gift Wrap

Creative DIY Christmas gift wrapping in opaque colors. To beautify your Christmas gift add wreath with burlap and rope which is the hallmark of this season. The size of the wreath gift should be adjusted to the size of the gift box.

Red Striped Ribbon

Creative DIY Christmas gift wrapping inspiration with opaque colors. Add a small wreath to attach to the gift wrap and decorated with stripe ribbons. Then, to beautify it you can add red ribbon.

Reindeer Silhouettes

Creative DIY Christmas gift wrapping in white. You can add the deer silhouettes character that utilizes unused paper. To enhance your Christmas gift box, you can add a burlap strap to make it looks neat.

Paper Straw Star Gift

Simple DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping with opaque paper. You can use paper straw to make a star gift that you put on a Christmas gift. You can adjust the size between the star gift with a Christmas gift box.

Emoji Gift

Creative DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping for celebrate Christmas seasons. To make it more interesting, you can wrap Christmas presents with emoji gift themes. You can use emoji gifts to suit your mood.

Gingerbread Gift

A solution to wrap Christmas presents in order to get funny results. You can add gingerbread gifts to affix to the gift wrapping box. Then, add a white ribbon to decorate and tie the gift box.

Christmas Tree Gift

Unique Christmas gift wrapping to give the presents to your close relatives. To make it looks attractive you can apply Christmas tree gifts to the Christmas gift box. You can make your own green Christmas tree and snow cover.

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With attractive and unusual packaging of Christmas gifts will certainly be a surprise for your children. You can use the wreath for your gift decorations. You can also use gifts that look like yellow emojis to make them seem funny and unique. Add a variety of beautiful trinkets to the gift wrap such as dried flowers or other handicrafts to make it more memorable artistic. Your Christmas gift wrap can also look elegant without having to be decorated with Christmas themed trinkets, for example by tying a small bouquet of flowers over the gift and adding a Christmas greeting card.

Those are some ideas for you who want to give gifts at Christmas. Those who receive Christmas presents from you will certainly not forget the look of your super cool wrapping. Hopefully, with a more beautiful and unique gift wrap, you can celebrate Christmas with your family more lively.

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