How do you say Christmas to your friends? Maybe as technology advances, now Christmas greetings can be via Whatsapp, Line, or other social media. And it will also feel faster and more effective. And it will also feel faster and more effective. But besides saying through social media, it doesn’t hard to make your own Christmas greeting cards for special people. Moreover, a self-made Christmas card certainly has a personal touch that makes it more meaningful.

Painted Card Design

One example of a simple and easy to make Christmas card design is to color the Christmas greeting card. You only need a few simple tools and materials. The main ingredients that you must have are paper, watercolors, and drawing brushes. No need to worry about drawing skill problems. Try it first, who knows the results are beyond your expectations,

Artistic ornaments Christmas card with cute balloon painted to be given for friends and family
Christmas card ideas with painted star and tree to make more beautiful in Christmas
Ornaments Christmas card with string lights, greenery and reindeer herd painting to perfect your Christmas
Trick Christmas card with drawing Santa Claus to complete your Christmas

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Christmas card idea with an elegant tree painting to complete your Christmas in this year
Colorful Christmas card with cute star painting to perfect your Christmas
Creative Christmas card with beautiful string lights painting to make more an elegant your Christmas style in this year
Perfect Christmas card with festive tree painting to beautify Christmas this year

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Diy Christmas card ideas with tree, wreath, and snowmen painting to perfect your Christmas
Holly berry card combined with red and white ribbon to beautify your Christmas

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Cards with Additional Ornament Material

The red and green colors are the colors of Christmas characters and that you can apply in making Christmas greeting cards. The festive impression still arises with the red ribbon and buttoned shirt shaped like a snowman. Another decoration that you can use to decorate your Christmas cards is to use colorful paper and greenery wreath. This card design looks simple but enough to make your Christmas more memorable.

Button snowman card combined with plaid ribbon to complete your card this Christmas
Diy festive card combined with colorful crafting material to beautify your card looks
Diy tree card for Christmas with patterned tape material to make more elegant your card looks
Paint Christmas card with colorful paper material to perfect your card this Christmas
Reindeer Christmas card with paper material to perfect your card
Simple Christmas card combined with stitched plaid fabric material to complete your card looks
Simple Christmas card with greenery wreath to make your natural card looks
String art card combined with small colorful balloon to make cute your card looks

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Christmas card ideas with green paper material to make more an amazing your card looks

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Christmas card combined wit red, green, and white button to perfect your card

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Giving Christmas and New Year greetings directly using greeting cards will be more meaningful. Because they have the impression of your respect to the recipient. For this reason, at present, the use of Christmas greeting cards is only used by people closest to and respected. However, you can also give Christmas cards to friends or friends as a sign of affection for them.


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